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CQ Names Senate Veteran Ed Pesce as Senior Legislative Analyst

By April 5, 2016No Comments

Washington (April 5) – CQ Roll Call, an Economist Group business, today announced the appointment of Senate staff veteran Ed Pesce as Senior Legislative Analyst. In this newly created role, Pesce will write and edit for Senate Action Reports, a product launched this week by CQ to help its readers decode the critical but often opaque actions that determine the fate of legislation.

Pesce, the head of the Senate Periodical Press Gallery for more than 15 years, recently retired from that position. On his last day, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Harry Reid both gave speeches on the Senate floor lauding Pesce for his years of service.

“Ed has been a fixture around here,” McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, told his Senate colleagues. “The job has brought Ed into contact with thousands of Senate staffers and congressional reporters.’’ Pesce’s reputation on Capitol Hill is as a “thoughtful’’ and “tough but fair’’ leader who left “a legacy anyone could be proud of.’’

Reid praised Pesce’s “tireless commitment to the Senate.’’ In his time at the gallery, “Ed has been a trailblazer in the news industry and the principal leader here in the Senate.’’ The Nevada Democrat recalled that Pesce created the first website for the press gallery, in 1999, and developed the chamber’s social media strategy, all while forging a reputation for team building.

Minority Leader Harry Reid praises Pesce.

Minority Leader Harry Reid praises Pesce.

Pesce’s innovative approach begins right away at CQ, as he takes the helm at Senate Action Reports. The new website and newsletter is a companion to House Action Reports, the long-respected product popularly known as HAR. Like its venerable sibling, “SAR” will be a guide to upcoming floor action, as well as insider information about the personalities and politics that drive Senate business.


“We are thrilled to have Ed joining us,’’ said David Ellis, Chief Content Officer of CQ Roll Call. “There’s no one better placed to explain the sometime arcane ways of the Senate than a man whose reputation for fairness and innovation attracts bipartisan praise from the chamber’s top two leaders,’’ he said. With Senate Action Reports, “CQ’s readers are going to get indispensable insight on the Senate that’s available nowhere else,’’ he said.

The press gallery is home to a nonpartisan group of professionals who work with the communications staff of individual lawmakers and committees and with the journalists who cover them. In his 26 years with the gallery, Pesce worked under seven majority leaders, oversaw the media planning of six presidential inaugurations and 12 national political conventions, and supervised media logistics for thousands of congressional hearings and press conferences.

Pesce, who will report to CQ Roll Call News Director Steve Komarow, will guide a team of floor watchers and bill analysts. “With Ed’s guidance, we’ll be able to provide unmatched clarity and understanding as Congress takes up key legislation, such as wrestling over appropriations in the middle of an election year,’’ Komarow said.

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