Get bills fast – with notification up to 24 hours before the competition

Save time with dynamic reports and custom alerts

Create a state legislative action center to educate your stakeholders

Benefit from dedicated account support by experienced trackers


 Track legislation and regulations in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico.   

Join hundreds of clients who track state legislation using StateTrack

State Legislation Tracking Software

With the fastest bill delivery on the market, StateTrack is your early warning system, notifying you of new state bills affecting your interests in time to mobilize supporters to take action.

Easily educate colleagues, advocates and stakeholders with shareable, dynamic bill reports – and save hours you’d otherwise spend on websites and in Excel.

What Makes Us Better:

Better Reporting

Reports automatically update with every new bill action, saving you hours of manual work.

Faster Notification

Get notified within 24 hours when a bill changes status — one full day faster than the competition.

Expert Service

We’ll assign you a veteran legislative tracker to manage your account and provide you with advice on any knowledge gaps. 

Why You Should Monitor State Legislation:

Powerful Features For State Professionals:

Get Alerted About New Bills in Time to Act

It’s good to be the first to know. StateTrack often publishes bills up to 24 hours faster than our competitors – and given how fast bills move in the states, time can make all the difference.

  • Mobilize supporters as soon as an important action occurs or a new bill is introduced
  • Get ahead of your competition and take action before competing interests have a chance to rally against you
  • Stay current on the latest status changes for all your bills
  • Provide timely information to key stakeholders and ensure everyone is up-to-date

Our database of bills and regulations updates in real-time, giving you the ability to act fast as the situation unfolds.

Know immediately where your issue stands with our easy-to-read reports that show bill status and legislative sponsor.

Save Enormous Amounts of Time

Checking every site for new bills and regs (or updates to existing ones) is a tedious manual process. Spend less time hunting and more time analyzing with StateTrack.

  • Create beautiful custom reports in seconds that display all the bills matching your issue criteria
  • Reports and saved searches dynamically update, saving you the time you’d spend re-entering information or copying and pasting in Excel
  • Make decisions quickly thanks to our relevant, actionable and timely search results
  • Get alerted on new state bills that match your issue criteria; no more sifting through websites to ensure you don’t miss something important

Make Your Site a Legislative Hub

Publish data from StateTrack to your web site and keep your members informed on your issues in the states – so they’re ready to take action when the time comes.

  • Share your custom reports on your website so your members can see all the bills you’re following
  • Easily embed an interactive map highlighting the states that have bills or regulations affecting your issues (psst…no coding required)
  • Train your members to use your site as a resource – the value of your legislative hub will help boost membership renewals

Add a clickable state map to your organization’s website to keep your stakeholders informed.

Benefit from Expert Account Management

Your account is managed by state trackers with years of actual experience monitoring and analyzing legislation and regulations across various industries. Think of them as the legislative mentors you wish you had the first day on the job.

  • Start tracking fast: we’ll set up your account with all your issue keywords so that you’re ready to track as quickly as possible
  • Receive personal, dedicated support whenever something big comes up (stuff happens – and when it does we’re here to help)
  • Improve your knowledge: we started out as trackers ourselves, and we have successfully guided and advised clients, both large and small, for decades

Do More, Faster with StateTrack:

Delivery time matters. StateTrack alerts you to new state bills up to 24 hours faster than the other guys, meaning you can start mobilizing your supporters before your competitors have a chance to act.

Can the other guys say that? Don’t wait to find out.

The Ideal Solution For:

Lowering Your Cost Base:

When it comes to increased productivity, StateTrack is a force multiplier for your staff.

Member Engagement:

Our fast bill delivery means you’ll always be ready to mobilize your stakeholders.

Effective Advocacy:

An informed audience is an engaged audience. StateTrack makes keeping yours educated a snap.

Quantifying Your Government Relations Efforts:

Quickly identify the bills in all 50 states that impact your organization and provide concrete data to your executive team.

Improving Operational Efficiency:

The time you once spent on manual searching and reporting can be used for fundraising, member outreach, or planning your next great advocacy campaign.

Increasing Transparency:

Internal and external stakeholders will always know exactly how your interests are being affected in the states.

People Are Talking:

StateTrack is an asset to anyone who tracks state legislation. With this program all of the information that you need concerning a bill is in one place. You no longer have to spend hours searching for the information or bills that do not exists.

StateTrack also has a phenomenal customer service team who are well versed in the program and always willing to assist you with any aspect of the program.  Help is an email or phone call away. Being responsible for tracking all 50 states there is no way I could do it without StateTrack.”

Bradley A. Hix

Governmental & Grassroots Advocacy Manager, ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society

“We have found CQ to be a fabulous online service for our organization. Our interest in both legislative and regulatory developments around the United States helps us stay informed through a user friendly platform that allows us to share the results of our tracking in a simple, easy to follow format with others throughout our organization.

The simplicity of the CQ platform, and the responsiveness of the staff at CQ make the selection of StateTrack an easy decision for us.”

Government Relations Counsel

Religious Non-Profit Organization

The State Advocacy Superstars:

StateTrack Alerts You to Critical Legislation

StateTrack is an early warning system that sifts through tens of thousands of state bills to find the legislation that impacts your issues. Shareable, dynamically updating bill reports keep your stakeholders educated on bills of interest.

Engage is Your Advocacy Command Center

Have your stakeholders take action at both the federal and state level on all platforms with Engage. Supporters in any state can advocate for or against a state bill of interest via email, social media, phone, and other channels — and you can track the results in detail.

StateTrack and Engage Work Together to Power Up State Advocacy

Use Engage to build a media-rich advocacy site to inform and activate your stakeholders. Leverage StateTrack’s features to power a state advocacy page and get an even more targeted response.

Featured Resources:

2016 calendar state sessions

2016 Legislative Session Calendar

Download the 2016 legislative session calendar. Convene and adjourn dates for all 50 state legislatures, plus D.C.


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