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News, Analysis & Schedules and, powered by our alerts and tools, makes your organization the authority on Congress and public policy.

  • Real-time custom alerts
  • Updated schedules and hearings
  • Deepest legislative analysis anywhere

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Never miss an action or update to a bill again: Legislative Tracking

Legislative Tracking

Track, understand and get alerted on every legislative action (without exception) that occurs to the issues and bills that matter most to you.

  • Federal legislative tracking
  • State legislative tracking
  • Real-time alerts on any bill or issue

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CQRC Engage: Mobilize your membership. Manage your campaigns. Win your battle.

Advocacy & Engagement Solutions

Revolutionary advocacy tools to grow, manage and increase engagement among your membership.

  • Lawmaker lookup tools
  • Write, call, Tweet your lawmaker
  • Easily manage members across states

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