Federal Legislative Tracking & Analysis

Monitor legislation with precision alerts, and stay informed with comprehensive policy analysis.

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Grassroots Advocacy & Membership Management

Educate and mobilize supporters, gain and retain members, track digital campaign performance and advance your cause.

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Personalized Expert Analysis

In-depth analysis and customized briefings straight from trusted non-partisan experts.

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Advocacy Made Simple

Build websites, send emails, create action alerts, and more the fast and easy way.

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State Legislative Tracking

Track legislation and regulations in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico.

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Congressional Staff Directory & Communications

Get up-to-date contact information for all congressional staff and send emails directly to the Hill. 

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Featured Services:

Advocate Acquisition

Digital campaigns to add new members, donors and advocates. Only pay for actions, not just clicks.

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Reach the biggest influencers on Capitol Hill. Make an impression.

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Reach the biggest influencers on Capitol Hill. Make an impression.

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Sponsored Events

Join the round table of serious thinkers with a CQ Roll Call custom event experience. 

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Digital Advocacy Campaigns

Stealable Templates for Social, Email and Websites!

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Increasing Member Engagement

How to Keep Members Active When Your Issues Aren’t Hot

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How To Track Federal Legislation

Curated advice from practitioners who track federal legislation.

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How To Track State Legislation

This is the guide you wish you had your first day on the job.

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Whether you’re in government relations at an association, corporation, issue-based nonprofit, federal agency or the White House, we can help you shape policy and influence change. 

CQ Roll Call, an Economist Group business, is the only provider that connects advocacy, legislative tracking and news & analysis for unprecedented access to all parts of the policy process.






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Updates on new features and our product road map.

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