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FiscalNote is a software, data and media company that offers award-winning journalism along with products and services that provide access to large quantities of data, news, and analysis for all levels of government to help corporations, associations, and nonprofits of all sizes manage their issues.


CQ’s news team covers the people and institutions that influence public policy and legislation, continuing a legacy begun with its founding in 1945. From Congress to K Street to the White House, our daily news report and weekly magazine help you track and understand how legislation is shaped, who is shaping it and how the process could affect your interests.

Roll Call

First published in 1955 from the halls of Congress, Roll Call’s storied history carries a legacy of objective and nonpartisan news on the people, politics and personalities of Capitol Hill. Today’s Roll Call features legislative and policy news and detailed congressional schedules.

CQ and Roll Call are delivered in print, online and on mobile platforms.

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