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CQ State Report is your daily source for important policy news in state government.

Each weekday, our team of reporters and editors will bring you the latest news about state-level legislation, policies, and programs – a must-read for anyone who wants to be influential in Washington or the statehouses – and all of it gathered in an engaging and easy-to-digest website and morning newsletter.

As more governing moves to the states, news about their responses to revenue challenges, federal mandates, and up-and coming leaders is of critical importance to lawmakers, regulators and advocates at the state and federal levels.

Unlike other services, we’ll organize our report by issues that our readers say are most important to them:

  • Budget and Taxes
  • Health Care
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Transportation

Powerful Federal Insights

Further, state-level readers will benefit from powerful insights from CQ’s exclusive reporting on federal laws, programs and rules that impact the states – whether it’s the Affordable Care Act, dwindling federal Highway Trust Fund or the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon-reduction mandates.

Washington readers will be served by our reporting on the states’ responses to those federal programs and from our coverage of their strategies to balance their budgets, expand their tax bases and repair their infrastructure.

For policy professionals who need to know what statehouses are doing on their issues, CQ State Report is an unmatched tool.


CQ State Report: Daily state legislative news and analysis
CQ State Report: Daily legislative news & analysis for policy professionals