What is “Open Access” and how will it affect my subscription?

We’re giving full access to the full power of CQ.com for current clients only. We need to in order to show you how much CQ+ can help you do your job every day.

Starting May 4, there will be an “Open Access” period of about 30 days where you might notice more options, more stories and more features than you normally do.

You’ll also notice a “Switch to CQ+” link in the top-left corner of the CQ.com homepage. This will take you to CQ+.

Some quick links to CQ+ resources:


How does the “Open Access” period affect my alerts?

None of your current alerts will be affected during “Open Access.”

However, during the “Open Access” period you can set up new alerts for any of the new products that you now have access to.

For example, you will have access to CQ HotDocs during “Open Access,” whereas perhaps it isn’t part of your current subscription. Now that you have access to it, you can set up an alert to ping you when, say, a “Dear Colleague” letter is written about the Iran nuclear negotiations.

That new alert on that new product that you now have access to will be saved provided that you add CQ HotDocs to your subscription before the “Open Access” period ends – your Account Manager is happy to assist you on that front.

However, if you do not end up adding HotDocs to your subscription, the alert you set up for it will go away when the “Open Access” period ends.

This premise extends to all alerts you set up on all products that are not part of your current subscription – they will be saved if you add that new product to your current subscription, and they will go away if you choose not to.


What does it mean to “Follow” something on CQ+ vs “Follow” on my current CQ.com subscription?

The “Follow” functionality exists on both CQ+ and CQ.com. It is the same thing, and does the same thing, on both.

However, any issue, bill, member, etc., that you “Follow” on CQ+ will go away after the “Open Access” period, unless you decide to add CQ+ to your current subscription.


If I’m not ready to buy CQ+ just yet, will I lose all the user-created stuff I set up in CQ+?

Any of the CQ+ stuff you set up – like reports, custom fields, projects, user notes and comments – will be saved and waiting for you should you decide to add CQ+ to your subscription (and start saving hours every week by adding your data to CQ’s data in order to brief your team by building robust, custom reports that update dynamically with any development on your bill or issue – sorry, couldn’t help ourselves).