CQRC Engage Integrates with Aptify

CQ Roll Call, the pioneer of online advocacy, is a premier partner with Aptify.

With this partnership, we are in development to integrate CQRC Engage with all of your membership contacts and your campaign and activity data in Aptify.

With CQRC Engage, all of your data will be synced seamlessly to Aptify, so that there is no custom development work needed.

Aligning your advocacy data with your CRM is now easier than ever.

You can create custom reports on member activity and align your advocacy data with your other organizational strategies — and all of it syncing to your CRM.

As always, we feel that it’s your right as a consumer to expect that your advocacy management tool integrate with your customer relationship management tool.

See the full list of CRMs with which CQRC Engage integrates.

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CQRC Engage Integrates with Aptify