How do you remain the undisputed authority in your office on federal legislative matters?

Use the world’s most advanced legislative tracking platform.

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Track legislation and regulations in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

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Acquire new supporters, donors and advocates. Know up front what you’ll pay and how many you’ll acquire.

It’s growth, at scale, with confidence.

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Read what Capitol Hill reads. Know what they know.

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Featured Products & Services

CQ Federal

Don’t fall behind. Track the issues and bills that matter most, from idea, to bill, to signed law.

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CQ State

Never miss a state bill or reg. Stop stressing yourself with manual work. Save time. Stay updated.

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CQ Ignite

Fast, easy advocacy campaign builder. Build a website, send emails, create action alerts.

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CQ Advocate Acquisition

Maximize your ROI. Only pay for new supporters who take an action to support your cause.

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Whether you’re in government relations at an association, corporation, issue-based nonprofit, federal agency or the White House, we can help you shape policy and influence change.

CQ Roll Call, an Economist Group business, is the only provider that connects advocacy, legislative tracking and news & analysis for unprecedented access to all parts of the policy process.