Create remarkable sponsored events with CQ Roll Call at the 2016 presidential conventions.

Hold your sponsorship event with CQ Roll Call at the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Hold your sponsorship event with CQ Roll Call at the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions


Create remarkable sponsored events with CQ Roll Call at the 2016 presidential conventions.

Attract the right audience.

Make an impression.

Provide your guests with intelligent entertainment.

CQ Roll Call is the 2016 convention event partner you’ve been looking for.

As the most trusted source in Washington for serious policy news and analysis, we will help you go beyond the generic, big-tent convention parties – so that you truly stand out.

What Makes Us Better:

The Right Audience

Benefit from the convening power of the CQ Roll Call brand and get unparalleled access to high-level decision makers.

Unique, Customized Intelligent Entertainment

In a convention environment where parties are a dime-a-dozen, let us create a unique, thoughtful event tailored specifically to you.

Fits Every Budget

We know cost is king, so our pricing scales to fit your needs. We’ll ensure you get the convention exposure you need while staying on budget. 

We Have The Right Event For You:

Election Analysis Breakfasts


February – June 2016

Join our experts as we discuss the 2016 election outlook over breakfast.

The morning after key debates, caucuses or primaries, CQ Roll Call political analysts will host a lively breakfast discussion of the wins, losses, and key issues from the previous night.

Good For:

  • Organizations eager to create a drumbeat for their convention/election presence
  • Associations seeking pre-election analysis for their member fly-ins
  • Organizations wanting to demonstrate thought leadership
Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) chats with CQ Roll Call’s David Hawkings, Senior Editor, prior to his keynote remarks.
Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson speaks during a CQ Roll Call policy briefing, The Cost of Obesity on America’s Aging Population.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) speaks during the CQ Roll Call Anniversary Reception at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. on September 17, 2015.

Branded Custom Convention Reception


RNC: July 18-19 2016
DNC: July 25-26 2016

Get the spotlight with an intimate, exclusive evening affair. 

Showcase your organization at an intimate cocktail reception, customized entirely to your specifications. Need an exclusive audience with a group of lawmakers? Leverage our convening power. We’ll assist with the guest list as much (or as little) as you’d like.

Want to highlight a piece of content (like a short film) or promote a specific campaign? We’ll help you bring your vision to life, or help you create it. Haven’t yet defined a concept or theme? Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to design something new and unforgettable.

Good For:

  • Organizations advancing their cause
  • Organizations promoting their existing campaign or initiative
  • Brands looking to make a splash
  • Organizations that want to pull off something innovative, new and different
  • Industry leaders

Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Del.) addresses the crowd during the Cost of Obesity breakfast briefing.

CQ Roll Call alumni help celebrate CQ Roll Call’s 70th/60th Anniversary during a reception at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Politics and Policymakers Breakfasts


RNC: July 18-19 2016
DNC: July 25-26 2016

Have a presence at the DNC and RNC – while staying on budget. 

Co-sponsor up to two policy breakfasts per convention (for a total of 4 breakfasts) that give you brand exposure at the DNC and RNC while staying within budget.

Start the day on a substantive note; a morning policy talk with our experts is a great convention kick-off for executives, MVPs and out-of-town guests. We’ll livestream the event so your reach extends beyond the room.

Good For:

  • Organizations that want a convention presence without breaking the bank
  • Organizations that want to show thought leadership
  • Building your executive’s morning agendas at the convention
  • Getting your CEO publicity — we’ll film an interview segment after the event concludes

Campaign Analysis & Election Prediction Breakfasts


September 2016 – Election Day

Following the conventions, join our top political analysts as they discuss the election outlook over breakfast. 

In the final months leading up to the 2016 election, CQ Roll Call political experts will do a reading of the tea leaves and discuss polls, stats, target demographics, ad campaigns, etc.

Good For:

  • Organizations seeking opinion leader convening power in Washington
  • Convention partners seeking to extend their convention presence to a Washington audience
  • Organizations wanting to demonstrate thought leadership
  • Organizations wanting to continue their election drumbeat

Networking at CQ Roll Call’s Election Impact Conference – CQ Roll Call’s signature biennial analysis of the impact of the election on policy and industry.

Nathan Gonzales, Editor of The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report and Roll Call contributor, and Perry Bacon, Senior Political Reporter at NBC News, discuss what happened in the latest election at the Election Impact Conference.

Sponsor Benefits Include:

Hospitality Suites at DNC and RNC

Take a breather, network, and get work done in our exclusive on-site hospitality suites on Monday and Tuesday of both the DNC and RNC.

Take advantage of comfortable lounge space, refreshments, and free WiFi.

All event sponsors receive access for up to 5 executives.

Convention presence in RNC/DNC host cities

Full execution of event logistics

Branded event signage and communications

Social media promotion

Advertising in CQ Roll Call print and digital media

Photographs of event

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48 Hours After the Election:
Election Impact Conference: Nov. 10, 2016

A half-day biennial event examining the outcome of the 2016 elections


This half-day event will focus on the outcome of the 2016 elections and the implications they will have on policy in 2017 and beyond.

Taking place less than 48 hours after the polls close, CQ Roll Call’s flagship conference provides the quickest in-depth election analysis in Washington.

Our exclusive 2016 New Member Guide will be available at the conference.

Former Rep. Tom Davis and Former Governor Ted Strickland deliver the afternoon keynote at the Election Impact Conference in 2014.

Attendees tune in for a deep-dive analysis of the policy impact of the 2014 midterm elections during CQ Roll Call’s Election Impact Conference.

People Are Talking:

“CQ Roll Call has the unique ability to pull together key political thinkers.”

Ken Wash

President, Software and information Industry Association

“I think CQ and its partners have a brand that stands for excellence and non partisanship with a focus on really doing the hard work to get the best intelligence out there in a very timely manner.

Mario Brossi

President, JKB Worldwide

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