Audience Extension

Roll Call Audience Extension allows you to extend your message to our thought-leader audience after they leave our site. Utilizing our proprietary first-party data and site visitor targeting, we help our partners increase their messaging frequency by extending their media to our audience beyond our own site.

Data Segments Include: Congress, Staffers, Government Employees, and Audience Retargeting

* Other specialized targeting is available based on your campaign needs. (i.e. HHI, Political Contributors, Job Titles in Media, C-Level Executives, Political Influencers)

Audience Extension Advertising Solutions

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First-Party Data:

  • Knowlegis Directory: Administration and Congressional staff
  • CQ Roll Call Site Visitors
  • CQ Product Subscribers: Associations, Agencies, Corporations, Lobbyists, Think-Tanks, Administration and Congress
  • Industry/job title data sourced from the top directories, as well as proprietary client lists, enabling you to reach Congress, Associations, Corporations, Think Tanks and Government Agencies.

Option to Layer In:

  • Your own data
  • Geo-targeting
  • Demographics

Where Do the Ads Appear?

  • We use RTB (real time bidding) to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time. 
  • Nearly all web sites make some of their inventory available on the exchange.  We have access to nearly every network of sites.
  • Sometimes we employ a white list, depending on campaign objectives.  This allows us to control what sites the ad appear on.

Example sites:


Targeting Capabilities

Success Stories

Roll Call was able to successfully target Agriculture and Energy Influencers on a farming coalition’s issues with exclusive data and other technologies. Overall CTR was .25%, client nearly doubled spending during the campaign to maximize reach and efficiency for their campaign.

A large beverage association launched a campaign to encourage the people of San Francisco to vote no on Proposition E which would have imposed a .02% per ounce tax on sugary beverages. Roll Call delivered approximately 7 million display and video impressions over 6 weeks with an overall CTR of .41%. The campaign was a success and the proposition did not pass.

A food safety group ran a campaign to promote required labeling of genetically engineered foods. Roll Call targeted the ‘green’ consumer and health food purchaser and exclusive segments targeting Agriculture Influencers/FDA in DC. Custom Semantic segments were targeted to food safety and GMO content. Final CTR was .30%.

A defense company has run and continues to run several campaigns with various targets including Defense/Military influencers in DC as well as other strategic zip codes across the country to create brand and product awareness. In addition to using exclusive data, Roll Call created custom segments based on specific keywords and also created a custom white list of sites which includes defense-related and non-partisan political sites. The campaigns are averaging approximately .18% CTR.

A coalition that supports renewable fuel launched a campaign to promote America’s farmers and the benefits of the Renewable Fuels Standard. Roll Call targeting solution leveraged Behavioral first-party data (Energy, Environment, Agriculture Influencers), Demographic and Keyword re-targeting. To date Roll Call has run 4 campaigns for Fuels America with an average CTR of .30%

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