CQ Roll Call Releases Best Intern Ever E-book

Washington, D.C. (July 14, 2014) – CQ Roll Call announced today the release of Best Intern Ever, Roll Call’s Guide to Acing Your Internship. The free e-book is available for download and can be viewed as a PDF.  The e-book is a collection of the best of Rebecca Gale’s Hill Navigator columns with input from the Congressional Management Foundation.

“Hill Navigator wouldn’t have a column without interns seeking advice about succeeding on Capitol Hill,” says Gale. “Each internship is a job interview unto itself: a chance to work hard and prove yourself indispensable. Interning is one of the best ways to land a full-time paying job, and some consider it a right of passage to becoming a true staffer.”

The book breaks down the Six Keys Rules for Success to get the most out of a Capitol Hill internship:

  1. Stay professional. Every year, Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill writes up anecdotes of intern tomfoolery. While there may be egregious exceptions, more often these gaffes are due to inexperience and a lack of basic understanding of what it means to work in a professional setting.
  2. Check your opinions at the door. You may be majoring in political science, or have read everything Thomas Friedman ever wrote, but your personal opinions are usually best left unsaid. View your internship as a time to take in information, not spew out opinions.
  3. Learn, memorize, internalize and follow the office dress code. Dress codes are not always as obvious or natural as it would seem, especially because many interns are in college and do not have extensive work-appropriate wardrobes. It may mean spending some money on button-down shirts, slacks, office-appropriate skirts and shoes that do not have “flop” in the name.
  4. Ask this question: What is the office’s social media policy? Social media: so fun, so ubiquitous and yet, it can be so detrimental to careers everywhere. Right after asking the dress code, request a copy of the office social media policy. And then — like the dress code — err on the conservative side of following it.
  5. Have meaningful – and realistic – expectations. Setting achievable goals is one of the best ways to have a positive internship experience, but expecting that you will write legislation, staff the senator or field press calls is setting yourself up for disappointment.
  6. Have humility, in large doses. This particular piece of advice is courtesy of many current and former Hill staffers: Do good work, but don’t tell us all about it. In the frenetic, fast-paced world of Capitol Hill, people who get things done are easy to spot.

Best Intern Ever also includes resources for interns to turn their internship into a full-time job on the Hill and advice for when the job hunt doesn’t work out. The e-book will updated as new questions and concerns from interns are sent to the Hill Navigator column.

About the Author
Rebecca Gale is the opinion editor for Roll Call and author of Hill Navigator, a workplace advice column for Capitol Hill staff. Prior to coming to CQ Roll Call, Rebecca worked as a Press Secretary and Communications Director for Senators and Members of Congress on Capitol Hill, most recently for Senator John D. Rockefeller IV from West Virginia. She has also worked on Presidential and Congressional campaigns, both as spokesperson and communications director.

She graduated with honors from Miami University in Ohio and has a Masters in Political Communication from the Johns Hopkins University. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies published by Boxfire Press, and her debut novel, Trying, was published by Boxfire Press in Dec. 2012.

Rebecca is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She lives with her husband and son in Bethesda, Md.

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