CQ Roll Call Launches New Health Blog


CQ Roll Call Launches New Health Blog
Washington, D.C. (July 9, 2014) – CQ Roll Call announced today the launch of Healthopolis, a new forum for breaking health news in Congress, the federal agencies and beyond. The fourth Policy Pulse blog introduced on Roll Call, Healthopolis will be led by veteran health policy watcher Paul Jenks.

“The focus of the blog is to assemble into one place many of the items that cross the desk and computer screens of the reporters and editors of CQ’s HealthBeat,” says Jenks, who writes CQ HealthBeat’s popular ‘Morning Take’. The blog draws on the great reporting of John Reichard and the CQ HealthBeat staff on topics such as the health care overhaul. It also will go farther afield to cover developments in food safety, consumer health, technology and other areas.
Jenks’ ‘Morning Take’ has been a daily fixture for Roll Call and HealthBeat readers since 2007. Jenks is a veteran of the legislative process as it relates to health care and has been accumulating and explaining all the pivotal documents that have colored and driven the debate, especially on the health care overhaul law. His background on narrating and documenting legislative matters began in the 1990’s with Legi-Slate, the venerable online legislative service of the Washington Post. At Legi-Slate’s replacement, GalleryWatch, he pioneered and demonstrated the importance of previously difficult to obtain ‘Hot Docs,’ that are critical factors that influence the legislative process.
Healthopolis joins The Container, Five By Five and Technocrat on the Policy Pulse roster. These three blogs have added more than 100,000 users to RollCall.com.

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