CQ Roll Call Introduces Four New Blogs, Expanding Coverage and Focus


Washington, D.C. (May 5, 2014) – CQ Roll Call announced today the launch of four new blogs expanding our coverage area and focus to meet the needs and interests of our readers. Technocrat will focus on the tech and telecom community in Washington, Connectivity will be a guide to building engaged communities, Capitol Lens will highlight the award-winning images produced by our staff photographers on the Hill, and POTUS Operandi will look at how the White House works, or doesn’t, with Congress.

Technocrat is the first of a series of Policy Pulse blogs being introduced on Roll Call this spring. The blog, run by reporter Anne L. Kim, will be a forum for public policy conversations about the technology industry, as it relates to Washington. Technocrat will allow readers to stay abreast of news developments and policy initiatives and will feature coverage of tech events, interviews with newsmakers and CQ Roll Call experts, and more.

CQ Roll Call currently provides tools for comprehensive advocacy and engagement campaigns through the platform Engage. With Connectivity, we will move the conversation forward by discussing best practices, emerging trends and new technologies for professionals wishing to better engage with their communities and manage issue advocacy efforts.

“Through Connectivity, CQ Roll Call is aiming to become a thought leader in advocacy and engagement best practices,” says managing editor Chris Nehls. “Our intent is to make Connectivity a place where people from a variety of industries – lobbying, public relations, nonprofits, issue-based advocacy – can stay ahead of the curve and discuss ideas about doing their work effectively.”

Roll Call photographers Tom Williams and Bill Clark, representing the only news outlet with two staff photographers on Capitol Hill, have captured award-winning images from the halls of Congress and on the campaign trail. Capitol Lens will share the stories behind those photographs.

Having more than 30 years of combined experience capturing news on Capitol Hill, Photo Editor Bill Clark and Staff Photographer Tom Williams will share personal stories and top photos from their adventures on the campaign trail, around the Hill, and from years past. As Clark says, Roll Call’s photographers have the freedom to cover the Capitol “as a community” and visual stories from the community will be shared on this blog. Multimedia Editor Meredith Dake will share stories from the archives and help explain how Roll Call’s incredible artists manage to capture stunning images every day from the grind of the Hill.

Senior Editor/White House Correspondent Steven T. Dennis covers the president through the lens of Congress and POTUS Operandi will become a portal for the coverage. The blog will specifically examine the nexus between Congress and the White House — how the two branches of government coordinate or clash, how lawmakers view the administration and how policy on Capitol Hill is shaped from down Pennsylvania Avenue.

With these blogs, CQ Roll Call continues to provide dynamic content about the industries and lawmakers shaping our future, the tools to advocate and engage and the stories behind the news.

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Shana Westlake, PR and Events Manager