CQ Roll Call Delivers New Advocacy Campaign Tool: Ignite

Washington, D.C. (February 10, 2017) – CQ Roll Call announced today the release of Ignite, a new tool for fast, easy advocacy campaigns that allows users to quickly build a website, create a call-to-action center and help supporters engage their elected officials on pressing issues.

ignite-grassroots-campaign-software-fast-to-deploy-screenshot“If you’re a nonprofit, association or corporation seeking an affordable advocacy solution that can still move the needle, Ignite is built for you,” said Megan McCoskey, the product manager for CQ Roll Call’s advocacy suite of products. “As a bonus, you don’t have to add staff or learn complicated technology.”

Ignite allows for multiple ways to have your advocates take action — easily.

Clear calls to action let supporters:

  • Write a letter
  • Post a comment on regulations.gov
  • Sign a petition
  • Make a call
  • Register to vote

“Ignite was designed by users,” said Matt Mansfield, chief innovation officer for CQ Roll Call. “Our team spent hundreds of hours with users, hearing about their needs, goals and frustrations. With lots of action in Congress and the states, users told us they needed an advocacy tool that helps get campaigns out the door fast.”

Ignite clients can shape policy whenever an issues arises, without complicated technology that’s difficult to use. The setup process for Ignite takes minutes, not hours or days.

“Ignite is the latest example of our full commitment to the advocacy space. Along with our Engage product, we can offer organizations great options for any size advocacy need, whether it’s a one-off campaign or a year-long advocacy program,” said Dev Jodhun, senior vice president of sales and marketing for CQ Roll Call.

This new advocacy product builds on CQ Roll Call’s unique role in Washington as a nonpartisan source of news and analysis, as well as the premier source for tracking and data tools. “Our mission is to help clients by identifying needs and then empower success by creating easy-to-use tools,” Mansfield said. “Our clients and partners know they can count on our products to be trustworthy.”

For more information on pricing or to request a demo of Ignite visit:

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