CQ Announces Open Access for All Subscribers

CQ on ipadsWashington, D.C. (July 17, 2017) — CQ announced today that it is granting free unlimitedaccess to CQ, its flagship legislative tracking, news, and analysis product, through August 12.

Beginning today, all current CQ subscribers will get complete access to the newly renovated platform and the full range of data it provides. This includes deep coverage of debates and votes in committee and on the floor, detailed analysis of health and budget developments, forward-looking reports on each day in the Senate, and much more.

The offering is meant to support those on and around Capitol Hill whose recess has been cut short. CQ is proud to share in the burden.

A year of innovation

Over the past several months, CQ has undergone a series of enhancements, driven by the needs of people at non-profits, associations, government offices, and more. The improvements enable users to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

“We’re thrilled to share CQ’s unparalleled news analysis and easy-to-use, intuitive tools,” said Matt Mansfield, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer. “From CQ’s detailed policy insights to a redesigned information experience, every part of the CQ universe has been reshaped. We worked with users every step of the way to deliver a powerful information suite that goes far beyond our already best-in-class legislative tracking.”

The improvements to CQ have been wide-ranging and include:

  • Powerful alert tools that are laser-focused on every piece of data a user wants. Subscribers can be sure that they are up-to-date on every aspect of every issue that matters to them.
  • Personalization and collaboration tools which allow teams to customize documents, reports, and projects. No two groups have exactly the same needs, and CQ delivers an experience completely tailored to each subscriber.
  • Better delivery of news and analysis from CQ’s dedicated team of expert journalists. Details matter, and CQ delivers an unmatched level of insight enabling users to think quickly and act effectively.

Supporting democracy

Delaying recess, the Senate will remain in session until August 11. By offering free access to the entire CQ platform throughout that time, CQ aims to support the hard work happening both on and around Capitol Hill.

“Our loyal subscribers are inundated by a deluge of information and, as always, CQ is their secure source of the truth,” said Paul McHale, President of CQ. “I’m delighted that we have the breadth and depth of reporting to support them further.”

About CQ Roll Call

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