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logo-senateactionreportsIn a chamber where personality often drives the policy, CQ’s Senate Action Reports serve as a pathfinder to understanding both with expertise and data that penetrates the often opaque maze that is the U.S. Senate. For years you’ve turned to our House Action Reports for forward-looking, insightful legislative analysis, and on April 4 we’re launching a Senate companion to complete the full picture of floor action on Capitol Hill.

Your goal: To better understand what’s happening in real time on the Senate floor, as it all unfolds.

Our goal: To guide you through the fog, to lift the shroud of secrecy and obfuscation, and to articulate in plain language what’s going on and how it impacts you.

For Whom?

  • Lawmakers and Hill staffers
  • Government affairs professionals, including associations, corporations and lobbyists
  • Fans of House Action Reports
  • Anyone who tracks legislation

Pain Points

  • A measure you’re following passes the House, but you have no idea when it’ll reach the Senate floor
  • With a chaotic schedule and unpredictable chamber, you go into each day without any notion of what to expect in the Senate
  • The Senate’s unanimous consent agreements are difficult to decode and their implications are often unclear
  • The Senate modifies a bill, but what happens next is anyone’s guess
  • A bill disappears from Senate debate. Where did it go?


  • We chronicle Senate actions for you in real time
  • Exclusive insights and two-minute drills on procedural maneuvers
  • Custom alerts to let you know whenever an action warrants your attention
  • In-depth, up-to-the-minute deep dives into the chamber’s proceedings
  • Predictive, straightforward legislative analysis
  • Daily newsletter delivery to your inbox
  • Explanations of how Senate actions impact House bills
  • Quick access to transcripts, schedules and other documents


  • Easily understand what’s happening in real time on the Senate floor, as it all unfolds.
  • Quickly decode unanimous consent agreements and what they mean for the bill you’re following
  • Get notified ahead of time when a major piece of legislation is coming up for debate
  • Be the first to know when a significant change in course happens in the chamber
  • Gauges the odds of a bill becoming law

For more information or to set up a trial, contact your account manager or click here to email our hotline.