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We’ve made some improvements to CQ+ and CQ.com to help you navigate more seamlessly between the two products. Many of you have told us that each site is invaluable to your daily workflow, so a handful of slight modifications are here to help you blend both parts of the whole.

CQ.com & CQ+

On CQ.com, we’ve added a “Switch to CQ+” dropdown in the site header to help you easily hop to whatever you’re trying to access in CQ+.

From this menu, you can go straight to your projects, reports, notes or following feed. We’ve also permanently opened our quick-search box and moved it to the top of the site so that you’ll have instant access to it from whatever you’re reading. Use CQ.com to read news, conduct advanced searches and access some of our supplemental products like LawTrack and Floor Video.

In CQ+, we’ve added a “Switch to CQ” button in the site header to help you quickly get back to CQ.com. Use CQ+ to streamline your workflow, collaborate with your colleagues and easily create reports, notes, projects, and other custom data.

Combining CQ+ with CQ.com helps you experience a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Over the coming months, we’ll continue enhancing CQ+ even further with more great features to help you track legislation and work directly with your team. If you haven’t tried CQ+ yet, click here to contact our hotline for a free trial.