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Mobilizing your grassroots network in communities has never been more important than today. The daily digital overdose we all encounter from emails, social media, text messages, and streaming music or video limits our understanding about what’s going on in the national or global news – it’s too much to process. However, you can’t ignore what’s happening in your city, in your neighborhood, or down the street.  Thanks to our dedicated data team, Engage is now poised to create grassroots campaigns targeting officials in your locality.

Why is this important? As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  As more local figures like mayors, business owners, and local news sources begin to leverage the power of the Internet and social media to communicate with communities, so should your organization. We all expect our local leaders and neighbors to engage with us, and advocacy campaigns must be just as personal and personable in order to be effective. Impersonal, mass communications are no more.

So, what’s new? In addition to federal and state official data, Engage will now offer local official data, for any Engage customer, at no additional charge. What does that mean? Engage users will now be able to prompt advocates to contact their local officials, no matter where they live. We will capture the contact information for officials in every city and county with 25,000+ in population, and put that data at your fingertips. That’s 3,235 municipalities: 1,704 cities and 1,531 counties. We’re giving you more than ever before, with access to city executives, county executives, city councils, county councils, clerks, police jurors, alderman, trustees, elections officers, and more.

The Engage local data will cover municipal governments governing more than half of the US population and county governments governing more than 95% of the US population.

How does it work? Create engagements like you have before. Write a Letter, Make a Call, and have even more pre-loaded recipients to choose from. We recommend taking advantage of the multiple messages you can send in a single engagement type, and targeting federal, state, and local officials. Advocates will still enter their zip code to determine which recipients their messages will go to, meaning Engage governs who these messages are sent to – we always want the constituent to contact the official, and our software will continue to support those capabilities. We look forward to sharing this exciting new functionality with you soon!