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Your advocates can now comment on any document hosted on Regulations.gov during the open comment period, directly from your Engage microsite. Federal regulatory activity is more important than ever in President Obama’s lame-duck year, so we’re adding this new engagement option to our grassroots advocacy platform to help promote your regulations issues right now.

Comments will be submitted from Engage directly to Regulations.gov and advocates will have the option to send an email to their elected officials letting them know the importance of this particular document to them as a constituent. This great addition means Engage now lets you target and influence any of the 300,000+ documents from over 40 federal and state agencies and sub-agencies hosted on Regulations.gov.

First, let your advocates know why they should care about commenting on a specific document, and then encourage them to take action by commenting directly on the regulation on Regulations.gov. As an Engage administrator, you can set up this new Engagement option, urging your advocates to Comment on a Regulation, by simply entering the Document ID of the regulations you want your advocates to take action on. Cut down the barriers to activism by pre-populating the text in their comment, add suggested bullets to help them create their own comments, or leave the comment field open for your advocates to fill in their own stories. Publish your engagement so it’s live for the length of the document’s open comment period.

As a best practice, we recommend prompting your advocates to follow up with an email to their elected official, letting them know that they just took action on Regulations.gov in the same engagement experience. A quick email from your advocates to their members of Congress will let their representatives know just how important this agency decision is to them as a constituent. In less than 3 minutes, on their phones or computers, your advocates will be able to influence policy by commenting on a regulation and sending an email to Congress on important issues without ever leaving your Engage site.

Watch out for our next release allowing clients and advocates to target Federal and State agencies with emails to discuss important policy issues still in the formation phase. We will expand our plugin and API offerings to support this exciting new functionality in the coming months. Stay tuned!