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Stay connected with the best newsroom in Washington wherever you are with the CQ News & Schedules app.

Robust news coverage. Real-time updates and alerts. Calendar integration. The CQ News & Schedules app is your real-time mobile guide to what’s happening in Washington. It provides you with timely news, expert analysis and in-depth information about Congress, politics and government. The app includes:

  • CQ News is award-winning legislative and policy news, including the exclusive CQ Morning Briefing, floor activity updates, and breaking news alerts.
  • CQ Schedules provides detailed event listings including House and Senate committees, Federal Departments and Agencies, and the White House. Integrated with your calendar.
  • In-depth analysis from CQ Weekly, with a look ahead to the upcoming week.
  • CQ on the Air video clips of CQ Roll Call reporters
  • Customizable email and push notification alerts that allow you to receive new information pertinent to your interest areas as the information is published.
  • Politics and lobbying coverage from Roll Call, the non-partisan source for news and analysis of the people, politics, and personalities of Capitol Hill.

The app is free to download but requires a CQ subscription to access content. To subscribe call 202-650-6599 or email: sales@cqrollcall.com.


  • Read the latest full-text news from CQ News and CQ Weekly
  • Browse news by day, subject or person
  • Access current CQ Schedules and add to your device’s calendar; organized by day, category and committee
  • Search for what you need and save your criteria as an alert. Set up an unlimited number of alerts for topics, sources and people that matter to you, so you’re always in the know as information is published.
  • Instantly share information with colleagues and clients using integrated facebook, twitter, email and text message features
  • Print articles or open them on CQ.com with Safari.
  • It’s easy to use and customized for both iPhone and iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the CQ app? When you open the app, fill in the registration by signing in using your CQ.com username and password. You must be a subscriber to CQ News & Schedules service to access the content.

Can I invite additional people to use the app? Yes. Simply tell them to search for CQ in the app store. As long as they have existing access to CQ News & Schedules content they will be able to use the App. They can also subscribe to the CQ News and Schedules product if they are not a current customer.

How do I subscribe? The app is free to download but requires a CQ subscription to access content. To subscribe call 202-650-6599 or email us at sales@cqrollcall.com. More information can be found here.

What content is included in the app?

  • CQ News updated throughout the day
  • CQ Schedules updated throughout the day
  • CQ Weekly as issues are published
  • CQ Roll Call on air video updated with the latest clips

How do the app’s alerts work? The app has alerts which are iOS operating system alerts, not CQ.com alerts. App alerts can be set up by keyword, subject (using CQ.com’s subject codes), person (Senator or Representative) or source (CQ News, CQ Weekly). You can also add events from CQ Schedules to your calendar.

What are the alert delivery options? Alerts on the App can be set up to deliver via email and/or via push notification to the device. You can choose alert delivery frequencies ranging from 15 minutes to 12 hours, with the default being one hour. CQ app alerts will have a “from” email address of cqapp@cqrollcall.com. You may need to add the “*@amazonses.com” address to your safe senders list to avoid spam filters.

Will searches on the CQ App work the same as on CQ.com? The app’s search engine is different from CQ.com’s. The app supports basic Boolean searching: multiple word searches will look for all words in a document, OR can be used to find documents with any word and “quote marks” will search for phrases.

Can content be shared from the app? Yes, you can email or text message articles, or share via social networking sites (Twitter and Facebook if you have them installed on your device). When emailing a story the headline and first paragraph of the article will be sent (along with any note added by you). When sharing via Twitter, Facebook or text messaging, only the headline link is delivered. In all cases a login to CQ.com is required to read the complete story.

Is the CQ app only for Apple devices? What about Blackberry or Android? The App is only for Apple devices at this time. Please let us know if you are interested in Blackberry and Android by emailing us at this address: cqapp@cqrollcall.com.

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