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If you’re restricting your influence to when the states are in session, you’re severely limiting your advocacy efforts.

We’re mere weeks away from the first of the 2017 state sessions (California and Maine start theirs the first week of December) but if you’re waiting until then, you’ve lost valuable time for promoting your issues.

Worse, your competitors have likely gotten chummy with the statehouse set through advocacy campaigns and outreach, leaving you out of the in-crowd once school starts.

That’s why now’s the best time on the calendar to condition your state lawmakers by getting your advocates to act on your behalf. Once the sessions start they don’t have time to talk, or more importantly listen, and take on board what you’re saying.

Luckily, there are several ways to zoom up close on their radar. From a micro-targeted digital campaign, to sitting down face-to-face with state lawmakers, we’ve got some tips and tricks.

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