Track all legislation and regulations across all 50 states and beyond.


Number of bills, resolutions and regulations state legislatures passed the last two sessions:

It’s time to start tracking with confidence.

StateTrack lets you track state legislation and regulation across all 50 states

StateTrack is simple to set up Simple to set up
It's easy to switch to StateTrack Easy to switch to – switch on a Monday, fully up on Wednesday
Experienced legislative tracking professionals manage your StateTrack account Experienced legislative tracking professionals manage your account
StateTrack offers simple pricing and unlimited support Simple pricing with unlimited support and publishing

Send us your issue. We’ll send you back a free custom bill report.

StateTrack has streamlined our bill tracking process, saving us hours of staff time each day.”
  • Monika Geraci
    Senior Government Affairs Manager,
    Recreation Vehicle Industry Association

What would make you feel worse?

STOP using Google alerts, Excel spreadsheets and wading through 50 different state-gov websites. Your issue deserves better.

Featured Resources

2016 Legislative Session Calendar

Download the 2016 legislative session calendar. Convene and adjourn dates for all 50 state legislatures, plus D.C.


Download: 50 State Project

50 State Project, 2nd Edition

The top policy issues each state is facing – brought to you by the reporters who cover them.


Guide: How to Track State Legislation

Primer: How to Track State Legislation

Let’s face it. Most state legislative professionals were thrown into their roles without much guidance. This is the guide you wish you had on Day 1.


8 Questions to Ask About Your Tracking Software

Does your current tracking software do everything it should to accomplish your goals?


Case Study: RVIA

See how one organization reduced the “bill noise” they were wading through from 800 (sort of random) bills per month to a relevant 100.


StateTrackers is a resource for professional trackers of legislation and regulations

StateTrackers Blog

A resource for professional trackers of state legislation, regulations and issues in the form of how-tos, original reporting, best practices, advice and lists.

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Why StateTrack?

Quickest Bill Delivery

It’s good to be the first to know. StateTrack often publishes bills up to 24 hours faster than our competitors.

We know you need to see the action as soon as it happens – our software is constantly scanning for movement on your issues and our team of research professionals is constantly working to make sure you never miss a bill.

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StateTrack: U.S. map of legislation affecting your issues

StateTrack: All legislation and regulations across all 50 states

Save Enormous Amounts of Time

Checking every site for new bills or regs, or updates to existing ones, is a tedious manual process. Spend less time hunting and more time analyzing what StateTrack alerts you on.

And you’ll no longer need to manually copy and paste bills into Excel to create a report – StateTrack creates reports based on your issue criteria in seconds, and those reports update dynamically with each new development.

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Industry Experts Manage Your Account

Your account is managed by people with years of experience tracking and analyzing legislation and regulations. Think of them as the legislative mentor you wish you had the first day on the job.

When your company relies on you to never miss a bill, who do you want helping you navigate legislative parlance and procedure across 50 legislatures when you’re in a jam – someone fresh out of college, or a seasoned pro?

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StateTrack: Custom reports

Dynamic Reports Update Your Membership Automatically

No more going back to Excel (or Google Docs or what have you) to manually update reports with every development. StateTrack’s reports are simple to create, customizeable to display your branding, and update automatically.

You can share them online publicly – which means all you have to do is give your stakeholders the URL to bookmark. StateTrack will even ping them (and you) whenever the report updates.

You can also add your own custom notes and annotations to the reports.

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Easy Web Publishing: Make Your Site a Legislative Hub

Easily embed an interactive map on your site with your branding that highlights which states have bills or regulations affecting your issue. Your site becomes a magnetic legislative hub for your members, driving engagement.

Use that hub to spur your members to take action, or to simply keep your stakeholders updated.

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StateTrack makes your site a legislative hub

StateTrack: Custom state pages to track legislation and regulations

Full Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

Powerful, nimble searching and alerts comb through every state legislature site – including D.C. and Puerto Rico.

StateTrack brings you relevant results that you can make sense of and take action on.

Experienced legislative professionals are a phone call away to guide you every step of the way.

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Custom News Feeds*

Stay knowledgeable and current on the full context and nuances of your issue within each state. StateTrack lets you pull in news stories on your issue from across thousands of state and national news sources.

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*Full implementation February 2016

Deep Legislative Archive*

Few bills happen in a vacuum. More often than not, there’s history there. To know where an issue is going now, you often need to know where bills and regs have been. StateTrack’s archive goes back years, allowing you to see language as it existed in previous sessions to make the proper comparisons for your analysis.

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It’s Easy to Switch

No matter how customized your alerts and searches are, we’ve seen worse. Really.

We take full inventory of your current searches, alerts, regs, bills members and issues.
We migrate all of them over, running each through a diagnostic check to ensure integrity and improve their accuracy and performance.
Unlimited, hands-on support. You may have been thrown to the wolves when you started your job, but once you switch to StateTrack you’re not alone anymore.

Your New Account Manager is a Former Tracker

How much help do you get as a tracker? StateTrack customers get as much as they want, and it is only a phone call or email away. Our account executives are professional trackers, with years of experience, and they understand your needs.

That means when you have a problem or a challenge, there is always somewhere to turn for solutions. It’s available all year long. And it’s available fast.

Download our free guide “8 Questions to Ask About Your Tracking Software” — it gives you the context you need to assess your current legislative tracking solution.

Join hundreds of organizations who use StateTrack to
track their issues with confidence


StateTrack is an asset to anyone who tracks state legislation. With this program all of the information that you need concerning a bill is in one place. You no longer have to spend hours searching for the information or bills that do not exists. StateTrack also has a phenomenal customer service team who are well versed in the program and always willing to assist you with any aspect of the program.  Help is an email or phone call away. Being responsible for tracking all 50 states there is no way I could do it without StateTrack.

Bradley A. Hix

Governmental & Grassroots Advocacy Manager, ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society

We have found CQ to be a fabulous online service for our organization.  Our interest in both legislative and regulatory developments around the United States helps us stay informed through a user friendly platform that allows us to share the results of our tracking in a simple, easy to follow format with others throughout our organization.

The simplicity of the CQ platform, and the responsiveness of the staff at CQ make the selection of  StateTrack an easy decision for us.

Government Relations Counsel, Religious Non-Profit Organization

Up and Running with StateTrack

Choose Your Keywords

Decide exactly which issues you want to track and where, and develop a list of keyword searches.

Our veteran legislative tracking staff can help you every step of the way.

They’ve done it thousands of times.


It's easy to get up and running using StateTrack

Set Up Your Searches and Alerts

Set up and save searches for those keywords in StateTrack, then choose who gets alerted to status changes and how often.

Our staff can make recommendations based on your needs.

You will then get alerted when new bills drop or current legislation moves.


It's easy to get up and running using StateTrack

Establish Your Reports

If you want to share bill information with constituents, members, colleagues or stakeholders, set up customized reports with your branding for delivery via email or website.

Your reports will update automatically as bills and regs travel through the system.



It's easy to get up and running using StateTrack

Let StateTrack Work, While You Refine

Adjust your search criteria and alerts to dial in exactly what you want to see and when.

As your tracking portfolio changes, you can add, subtract or refine searches to meet your needs.


It's easy to get up and running using StateTrack

Send us your issue. We’ll send you back a free custom bill report.

Organizational Benefits of Using StateTrack

Lower Your Cost Base

Our clients save money when they switch to StateTrack. Not only is our pricing often lower than other providers, when it comes to increased productivity, StateTrack is a force multiplier.

What normally takes three full-time employees to do can be accomplished with one person powered by StateTrack.

Member Engagement

Knowing when a bill or regulation is imminent, while there’s still time to act, is a powerful galvanizing force around which to rally your members.

Also, members will stay tuned in when you are feeding them timely updates about your issue.

More Effective Advocacy

When your members are fully engaged because you’re keeping them updated with StateTrack’s unique dynamic reporting capabilities, they become responsive to your Calls to Action, acting in unison with one voice to influence lawmakers.

StateTrack helps you get the outcome you need to justify your existence to your Board.


Quantify Your Government Relations Efforts

Have you ever been able to tell your Board that in the past six months you not only spotted 17 out of 17 bills and regulations that could impact your issue — you did so within an hour of each surfacing on a legislature’s website?

When you never miss a bill, quantifying your GR team’s efforts is not just possible, it becomes something you look forward to doing.

Operational Efficiency

Without StateTrack, your staff will have to check in on every site basically every day in the hopes that you don’t miss anything. Your staff could be spending that time fundraising, doing member outreach, launching  advocacy campaigns or planning your next Hill Day.

Make more of every fiscal month and fiscal quarter.

Increase Transparency

StateTrack’s reports update dynamically whenever with every new development, and those updates are automatically sent to your stakeholders, keeping them constantly updated on your issue and reminded about your team’s constant vigilance.

Both your members and your team will be more informed.