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You know that much of what impacts advocacy and engagement happens at the state level. From legislation to regulation, state governments often take the lead on key issues of the day.

Staying in front of these state-level changes lets you take action first on the issues that matter:

  • Input your issue or interest — the specific areas that matter to you — and let StateTrack continually scan activity for you across all 50 state legislatures
  • Use the customized dashboard to track the latest status of relevant bills and regulations springing up
  • Understand who the key players are – and what they’re doing next
  • Frame state-level developments in your own terms
  • Take action with your key audiences – before someone else does it first

It’s easy.It’s easy to track legislation in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia with solutions that include:

  • Simple search tool — you tell StateTrack what issues you want to follow
  • Personalized dashboard continually updating the latest legislation and regulation
  • Committee hearings with calendar tool
  • Web publishing
  • State-by-state news coverage
  • Customizable alerts and reports
  • Full text of every bill and note-taking tools
StateTrack: U.S. map of legislation affecting your issues

Track & Understand

In order to take the right action, first you need to understand: What bills are progressing in the 50 state legislatures? What regulations are being formed? Whose voice is being heard? Whose voice is curiously silent?

StateTrack allows you to follow legislation and regulations in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and the federal government. Now you can pinpoint and monitor the bills and regulations that affect your interests.

Legislation »

  • Let StateTrack continuously scan all 50 states and identify potential legislation around the issues and interests you told the software to follow.
  • Search bills searches with an interactive map-based display of the states in which proposed legislation could affect your interests, based on your search criteria.
  • Search options include keywords, bill numbers, sponsors and the specific stages of the legislative process.
  • Learn the key power brokers whose names are attached to various bills.

Regulation »

  • StateTrack scours all 50 states and finds the regulatory news and developments you need to know — and you told it to follow
  • Conduct customized searches, which could include keywords, agencies, registers and action types.
  • Track and understand regulatory developments and changes as they occur.
  • Understand the power names driving these regulatory changes.

State Dashboards »

  • Customized and personal – based on your issues and interests – updated on the fly.
  • Keep an active, real-time calendar of important events, state-by-state.
  • Track committee hearing schedules, news from the state capitals and important dates in the legislative process.
StateTrack: Custom state pages to track legislation and regulations


We follow all the issues in all 50 states. But we know you want to follow only the issues and states that matter to you.

That’s easy, as we offer:

  • Customizable profiles. You input the issues and interests that matter to you.
  • Custom notes fields. Manage legislative and regulatory intelligence by issue, with custom fields for key information. You can, for example, elect to enter your position (e.g. oppose or support), specify priority of a bill and add your own notes.
  • Custom online reports and e-mail alerts delivered when you want them, providing links to the full text and status of bills and regulations on the issues that matter to you.
StateTrack: Custom reports

Take Action

Knowledge may be power, but your real power comes with action. You want state-level information so you can stay out front on important issues and engage the audiences that matter to you.

We help you do it – easily and quickly.

Web Publishing »

  • We offer an easy-to-use web publishing capability for customized bill and regulation reports, so you can incorporate the data directly into your organization’s website.
  • Links in the reports automatically update and point you to the latest versions of bills and regulations, as well as their status.

Account Executives »

  • We assign you dedicated account executives, who work with you to set up and maintain your profiles and reports.

Now you can easily keep members educated and up to date on your issue, in locations that might otherwise be hard to follow. By leading your key audiences, you gain a new edge in the never-ending battle to engage advocates, raise money and advance your cause… before someone else does.

StateTrack: All legislation and regulations across all 50 states

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