KnowlegisCongressional staff database. Updated daily. Communication and workflow management tools.

Knowlegis is a powerful online suite of services that enables you to access the most complete and accurate congressional staff data, and to manage all your interactions with legislators and congressional staff.

Knowlegis allows you to:

  • Record and manage all your interactions with legislators, leadership, their staff and staff from every congressional committee.
  • Create custom lists of congressional and committee staffers based on chamber, party, title, caucus, delegation, leadership, votes and more.
  • Stay current on the latest information coming from Capitol Hill with timely alerts on congressional staff changes, press releases, town hall meetings and news.
  • Collect and review voting trends on issues important to you, using reporting tools that deliver interactive legislative analysis.
  • Access a directory of all current and upcoming congressional town hall meetings.
  • Prepare email communications in advance and deliver at your scheduled time.
  • With Knowlegis Asset Manager, you can upload and refresh your data using the dedicated CQ Roll Call data upload service. You no longer have to upload your data manually.
  • Access leadership staff data and social media links for elected officials.


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