An all-in-one tool to execute your advocacy campaigns, engage your members and advance your issue.

Hundreds of organizations use Engage to grow, manage and excite individuals in their memberships into taking action.

Inspired by our pioneering advocacy communications tool CapWiz, we make it ridiculously simple for you to create, manage and report on the complete lifecycle of your advocacy campaigns.

Everyone is fighting for the attention of your members. And that fight has never been more intense. We exist to help you win.

Suite of “Calls to Action.” Use them.
Watch your engagement numbers grow.

Our wizard approach allows users of all technical levels and capabilities to set up and deploy a new “Call to Action” within minutes.

Create various engagements targeted at specific groups and watch your engagement numbers grow.

  • Write your legislator
  • Call your legislator
  • Tweet your legislator
  • Share your story
  • Make a donation
  • Sign a petition
  • Sign up for a newsletter

Track every action your membership takes. Create segments. Spot trends.

With CQRC Engage, you’ll know when any of your members are actively participating with your organization, or not, so that you can get them to do more:

  • Know when any member has clicked on an email, visited a page, signed a petition, donated money, taken any action
  • Easily segment your members by activity level, bio information, elected officials, email interactions, custom tags and more
  • Micro-target and mobilize specific groups to encourage participation
Client Testimonials
One of the big reasons we chose Engage is because it’s a platform that’s easy to use, easy to set up…You can use it as a stand-alone website. You can use it in your newsletters…Engage is about how you can customize it to get what you need at the local and national levels. Andy Polk

Vice President, Footwear Retailers and Distributors of America

Integrates with Your Existing CRM

CQRC Engage is proud to partner with leading Customer Relationship Management tools like SalesForce, Avectra, Imis and Personify.

We know that managing your membership is critical to your organization’s goals, and that any advocacy tool you consider should understand that need.

In fact, we feel like it’s your right as a consumer to expect that your advocacy management tool integrate with your CRM.

Don’t see your CRM listed? No Problem.

CQRC Engage integrates with your CRM, even if you don’t see it listed.

We have a powerful API, called “Connect,” that lets you unlock the power of CQRC Engage within your environment.

If you’d like to see your CRM listed here, send us a note.

Comprehensive legislation information. Every bill and every legislator.

CQRC Engage has a constantly updated database of every bill and legislator at the state and federal level.

That’s right: every bill from every state legislature, plus every legislator in every state, plus every bill and member of the U.S. Congress.

  • Feature the bills that matter to your organization on your site; use them to excite your members
  • Instantly make your site an authoritative legislative-action center
  • Place your organization’s position on any bill right next to the bill details
  • Use CQRC Engage’s templates to create key issue pages
  • Updated legislator contact information

Full licensing rights to 3,800 news sources. In other words, welcome to SEO City.

Full licensing rights means that the entire article resides on your website, rather than taking readers away from your site to read the full article somewhere else.

Full-text articles draw traffic from search engines (SEO), which causes people naturally interested in your issue to discover your site.

Your site becomes a news hub, overnight, for new people to find you and for existing members to come back to again and again.

  • Control exactly which articles appear on your site through easy filtering
  • Place one of our ready-made “Calls to Action” on any article, or every article
  • (Hey? Why not use CQRC Engage to put a newsletter sign-up form on those articles, and some social share buttons, to grow your membership? With CQRC Engage, everything links back to you.)

Nifty reporting dashboard. See how you’re doing at a glance, or create detailed reports.

We understand the importance of being able to convey the results of your ongoing campaigns.

CQRC Engage provides the tools to allow you to see the success of your actions at a glance, or, even better, to dive into various segments to track effectiveness even further.

  • Track performance by platform: Facebook, website, mobile app
  • Measure interaction: How many letters, Tweets, calls, etc.
  • See the number of actions generated from each email
  • See the type and number of actions delivered to each target
  • Create custom reports