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Navigating Washington is a complicated business. We know you live in an on-the-go, on-demand world.

Knowledge powers action in this city. CQ Roll Call has been covering Congress longer than any other Washington, D.C. media. Our analysts, reporters and editors are the experts on legislative policy and congressional politics and your eyes and ears for everything happening in Congress.

With 24-7 real time alerts, CQ Roll Call’s comprehensive suite of in-depth insight and analysis will keep you informed and up to date, on any device, at any time.

No one knows Congress better than CQ Roll Call.


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Your Daily Guide to What’s Happening in Washington

CQ News and Schedules

Setting the highest standards, CQ News and Schedules provides in-depth policy, analysis and Congressional schedules and hearings. CQ News translates the complicated policies of Capitol Hill and makes it easy for you to effectively do your job.


  • Beginning with the CQ Morning Briefing, receive 24-7 alerts of breaking news and developments
  • Searchable and alertable analysis of open committee markups
  • Detailed schedule of events for committees, federal agencies, White House and more integrated with your calendar
  • Links to additional resources and tracking tools
CQ Weekly Digital

For decades the most effective policy professionals inside and outside of Congress have relied on CQ Weekly to give them an understanding of the inner workings of Capitol Hill.  Now, available as a digital reader, CQ Weekly offers all the incisive policy analysis you need to keep you in the know


  • Policy insight from the best writers covering Congress today
  • Exclusive annual reports on legislative activity and lawmakers’ voting patterns
  • Detailed review of congressional activity including votes and updates

CQ App

Get the information and insights you need on the go.  The CQ App for iPhone and iPad puts CQ News and Schedules in your pocket.  Carry everything you need with you in one digital package.

We have you covered…on the go…all the time.

Roll Call

Roll Call’s award-winning and cutting edge political reporting has a dedicated place in the hearts and minds of anyone who works on Capitol Hill. Founded in 1955, Roll Call is a must read for all political coverage. Roll Call offers readers incisive and forward thinking analysis on the politics behind the people who make up Congress.


  • Breaking news and analysis on the politics driving Congress
  • Ground breaking political commentary from Washington D.C. ‘s most esteemed political pros
  • Campaign coverage and election updates, in real time and on the go
  • News and features serving the Capitol Hill Community
Roll Call App

Stay up to speed with Roll Call’s award winning political coverage, popular blogs, and in-depth analysis. The Roll Call app keeps readers up to date with news and Twitter feeds from Capitol Hill, enables them to keep track of election developments, and follow tweets, blogs, and news from members of Congress and the White House. Be in the know.

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We have been covering Congress the longest. We cover it the best.

No other media gives you the depth and breadth of policy and political coverage than CQ Roll Call. From topical legislative analysis to forward thinking political reporting, our editors and reporters work to ensure you are in the know, whether at the office or on the go. Let us give you a tour of how these solutions meet your needs.


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