CQ Media Scoop

All-in-one News and Social Media Monitoring

Your company’s name and reputation are out there in the world.

You should know what people are saying…

Now you can track every mention of your company, your products and the issues you care about across social media, news articles, clips, and blog posts.

CQ Media Scoop rounds up what people are saying and delivers it daily in a single, easy-to-use platform that makes data visualization a snap.

Use the CQ Media Scoop platform to:

  • Brief your company on how effectively your marketing, advocacy and public relations programs are performing
  • Make better decisions on where to invest time and energy to protect and elevate your brand
  • Get alerted on Twitter and Facebook conversations on your organization’s issues
  • Consolidate public sentiment about your company and products, and distribute to your executives
  • Create custom reports, graphs and spreadsheets with our powerful analytics
  • Find new customers or win back former customers
  • Collect new information on your customers and deepen client relationships
CQ Media Scoop: All-in-one news and social monitoring

CQ Media Scoop media measurement charts


Media Measurement Charts

Easily create stunning analytic charts based on the Results in your account. Have your saved charts automatically emailed to you.

CQ Media Scoop automated media alerts


Automated Email Alerts

Create your own automated email alerts. Send email briefings of your daily results, custom charts, custom reports and even spreadsheets.

CQ Media Scoop custom personal reports


Custom, Professional Reports

Create a custom report to distribute to your team daily or weekly. Send the important results, or just a chart, or boths. We can even customize a template just for you.

CQ Media Scoop: Tag, Notate and Rate Your Results


Tag, Notate and Rate Your Results

Attach Tags, Notes and Ratings to your organization’s Results; they will stay with your Results when you email them or export them into a spreadsheet.