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Federal and State Legislative Tracking:

Federal Legislative Tracking & Analysis
Monitor legislation with precision alerts, and stay informed with comprehensive policy analysis.
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State Legislative Tracking
Track legislation and regulations in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico.
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Political Contributions Tracking
Track political donations and analyze the flow of money pouring into PACs, candidates and 527s.
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Capitol Hill News and Analysis
Get the latest headlines from Capitol Hill on Congress, campaigns and elections and more.

Grassroots and Grasstops Advocacy Management Software:

Easy-to-use Advocacy Tools
Build websites, send emails, create action alerts, and more the fast and easy way.
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Grassroots Advocacy & Membership Management
Grow your membership, build a legislative action center and mobilize advocates with robust CRM and advocacy tools.
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Congressional Staff Directory & Communications
Get up-to-date contact information for all congressional staff and send emails directly to the Hill.
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Lobby Day Manager App
Coordinate agendas and appointments, collect meeting notes and feedback, and sync information to your advocacy CRM right through your phone.
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PAC Management Software
Solicit contributions online securely, monitor your contributions, track your compliance details in real-time and increase your reporting efficiency.
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Advocate Acquisition
Digital campaigns to add new members, donors and advocates. Only pay for actions, not just clicks.
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Reach the biggest influencers on Capitol Hill. Make an impression.
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Sponsored Events
Join the round table of serious thinkers with a CQ Roll Call custom event experience
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Whether you’re in government relations at an association, corporation, issue-based nonprofit, federal agency or the White House, we can help you shape policy and influence change.

CQ Roll Call, an Economist Group business, is the only provider that connects advocacy, legislative tracking and news & analysis for unprecedented access to all parts of the policy process.