Easily coordinate agendas and appointments

Collect meeting notes and feedback that syncs to your advocacy CRM

Push notifications to quickly communicate schedule changes

Share resources like talking points, reference materials and maps

Store all the information your attendees need in the palms of their hands

Have your advocates take action from their phones

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Lobby Day App from Engage

Your All-in-One Lobby Day Organizer

Finally, An App of Your Own

Your app, with your branding, will show up in the app store when your members search for you.

Keep Everyone on Schedule

When lawmakers make last-minute changes to your schedule, communicate updates to your attendees via push notifications. Ensure that you don’t miss your meeting.

Reach Supporters Through a New Channel

Not only will your app organize your lobby day, it doubles as another communication channel to ping your advocates to take action throughout the year.

Here’s Why You’ll Like the Engage Advocacy App:

No more hunting down each member’s meeting notes.

Your members record their notes and feedback on how their meeting went, which you can view, and it becomes part of each member’s record in your CRM.

  • Sending out an email blast to collect member notes before they scatter back home across the country is tough.
  • Get the full picture — immediately — on how the meeting went, so you can start taking follow-up actions.

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Be an even better wrangler, with less stress.

You can pre-load events into the app that you want your advocates to attend.

  • Your attendees will see all the appointments, agendas and schedules you create for them in one place.
  • This organization will reduce stress on them, which means less stress on you.
  • And best of all, everyone shows up at the right place at the right time.

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Ensure that your talking points get talked about.

What’s the use of all that prep work if your members don’t have a tool to keep them on message?

  • Load your talking points onto the app for your members to consult — it will give them a more polished presence than, say, pulling out a sheet of paper with things to say.
  • Plus, they’ll have confidence knowing they have something easy to reference in case they get nervous.

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Resources to make sure things run smoothly.

You’ll make sure your members have all the utilities they need.

  • Maps: You can pre-load destinations, like the hotel you’re staying at or a restaurant recommendation, that your members can open up in Google or Apple maps to help them navigate.
  • In-App messaging: The app tells you who else has the app, which means your members can find one another through an attendee directory in the app for easy direct messaging.
  • Elected official information: Your app will have a dossier on elected officials you’re about to speak with so your members can get to know them on paper before they speak in person.
  • Social media feed: All your members and advocates at home can see a timeline of your event hashtag so they can follow how your Lobby Day is going.

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Push your Engage calls to action through the app.

The Lobby Day app integrates seamlessly with Engage, so you can push your advocacy campaign actions, like write your lawmaker or comment on a regulation, through the app.

  • You’re already emailing your members, but so is everyone else. Having your own app opens up a new exclusive communication channel to your supporters.

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