Get access to verified contact information for congressional staff.

Stay current with timely alerts on congressional staff changes.

Manage all your interactions with legislators in one place.

Track your PAC footprint, and your opposition's.

See who’s who in member offices and committees.

Create custom contact lists.

 Real-time Congressional Staff Directory and
Relationship Management Tool

Congressional Staff Directory

Knowlegis has the best message delivery rate on Capitol Hill, enabling you to reach the right person at the right time.

Get complete congressional staff contact information, and easily manage all of your Hill relationships in one place.

What Makes Us Better:

Verified Contact Details

Our researchers update our staffer database daily, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of our data.

Guaranteed Delivery

Congress has lots of email security measures. Knowlegis has been whitelisted by Congress and has the highest email delivery rate on Capitol Hill.

Contact Data + Tools

Knowlegis gives you comprehensive contact data AND the tools to leverage it — other services only give you one or the other. 

Powerful Features:

Get the meetings you need.

Advocacy means telling your story to the right people. Which means getting a meeting with a member of Congress. Which means having a reliable way to look up to look up which staffer you should call and what their contact information is.

  • Find exactly the right staffer or lawmaker, by committee, issue or state
  • Get up-to-date contact information for any staffer you choose, including agency (federal and state), committee and caucus staff
  • Couple it with Engage and send emails to your custom list, using our whitelisted IP address, to ensure your message doesn’t get caught in Congress’s spam filter

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Our database of verified and accurate contact details for lawmakers and staffers is updated in real-time by our boots-on-ground staff of researchers on the Hill.

At any given time, you need to have the right relationship in place, or a tool that helps you create the relationship you need. Knowlegis is that tool.

Get a quick snapshot of a given staffer or lawmaker’s network.

See at a glance who’s who in member, leadership and committee offices. 

  • See FEC filing data for the last 7 years, all in one place
  • Get a feel for a lawmaker’s position with respect to a given issue, and the congressional body as a whole
  • Know the conversations a lawmaker is having with constituents and the media by searching press releases, plus previous and upcoming congressional town hall meetings
  • Read timely news content on lawmakers and staff in the news feed

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Manage all your Hill interactions all in one place.

Set custom alerts to get notified of Hill staff changes of any kind.

  • Communicate with incoming and outgoing staff; easily record and cross-reference your interactions with staffers, committees and members
  • Create custom lists of staffers based on chamber, party, title, caucus, delegation, leadership and votes

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Easily create custom contact lists and download into your Outlook and staff lists in Excel.

Using some combination of spreadsheets and Salesforce to track donations and relationships? Let Knowlegis make your work life easier and more organized.

Consolidate your relationship history all in one place.

Use Knowlegis to document all your communications and interactions with staffers and lawmakers – sort of like a correspondence “wiki” for your advocacy team.

  • Bring transparency to your organization’s outreach and provide a central place to get the most accurate and complete relationship history
  • Create workflow efficiencies and invite peers to follow the Advocacy team’s progress without having to send multiple version of the same progress report

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Send Messages with Confidence:

Even the best messaging is useless if it never gets delivered. We’ve had a trusted relationship with Congress for 70 years.

Our IP has been whitelisted, so you can be sure your message gets through. 

Can the other guys say that? Don’t wait to find out.

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  • Knowlegis delivery rate
  • Other Guys delivery rate

Knowlegis_yellow_outline The Ideal Solution For:

Seeing Who’s Who in Congress

We provide names, titles, policy issues covered along with contact information.

Reaching the Right Influencer

You get access to accurate and verified contact details for congressional staff and lawmakers, updated in real-time.

Zip to District Matching

Addresses of advocates are matched with their legislators.

Engaging with Staffers

Easily create custom contact lists based on chamber, party, title, caucus, delegation leadership, votes and more.

Press Releases Notification

Knowlegis gives you access to every press release from every office on the Hill, every time.

Stay informed

Get information you need when you need it. Set up customer alerts based on criteria you select.

Keep a Record

Easily record and cross-reference your interactions with staffers, committees and members.

Email and Communications

Prepare email communications in advance and set a scheduled time to deliver when you bundle with Engage.

Navigating the Hill Landscape

We provide current committee and caucus membership rosters, which are updated on a rolling basis.

Peek Under the Hood of the Knowlegis Toolset:

State Legislator Profiles


Committee Staff Profiles


Staffer Profiles


Federal Agency Officials


Local Entities

State Agency Officials


Press Releases

Town Hall Meetings


News Links

People Are Talking:

“Our currency is information. With Knowlegis, we know the Congressional staff addresses are accurate. We don’t have to wonder or worry.”

Pam Jackson Vice President, Capitol Associates

The Advocacy Dynamic Duo:

Combine Knowlegis with Engage to leverage your
advocacy program’s full influence.

Execute your advocacy campaigns and increase member engagement using Engage’s suite of Calls to Action, including writing, calling and Tweeting your lawmaker, at the state and federal level.

Educate Your Advocates

Easily create a legislative action center to keep your army of members and advocates engaged and informed.


Multi-Channel Member Engagement

Have your advocates make calls, send Tweets to lawmakers, post on Facebook, share personal testimonials, sign petitions and register to vote.

Membership & Engagement Analytics

Know which of your advocates are taking action, which ones aren’t, and why. Make data-driven decisions.

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