Fast, easy advocacy campaign builder.

Build a website, send emails, create action alerts.

Fast, easy advocacy campaign builder.

Build a website, send emails, create action alerts.

Grassroots Advocacy Software

Ignite makes it simple to launch a digital advocacy campaign — fast.

Create a professional, mobile-friendly action center and email your supporters with just a few clicks.

Who is Ignite for?

Organizations looking for a lot of bang for their buck

You’re a nonprofit, association or corporation seeking an affordable grassroots advocacy solution that can still move the needle, and don’t want to add staff or learn complicated technology.

Advocacy or GR folks who have eight other things to do today

You currently have more advocacy software than you need, and it slows you down. You’re not a web developer, don’t want to be one, and don’t want to have to rely on one to launch your campaign.

Advocacy professionals who need to launch a campaign, like, yesterday

Your issue is suddenly hot. You need to mobilize for or against looming legislation or a regulation. Your opposition just launched a campaign and you need to respond.

The Essential Features You Need:

Multiple ways to have your advocates take action — easily.

Expand your campaign possibilities by letting your supporters act across several channels in minutes.

Clear calls to action let supporters:

  • Write a letter
  • Post a comment on
  • Sign a petition
  • Make a call
  • Register to vote

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Ignite: Grassroots campaign software, easy to use, fast to deploy

Customize engagements and messages so that advocates can take action with just a single click.

Ignite: Grassroots campaign software, dead-simple interface

Ignite’s simple campaign builder makes it easy to design and brand you advocacy action center in no time.

Build an advocacy action center and outreach campaign in minutes

With lots of action in Congress and the states, you need a grassroots advocacy tool that helps get campaigns out the door — fast. You don’t have time for complicated technology that’s tricky to use and requires hours of training.

  • Dead-simple interface walks you through the steps of setting up a grassroots advocacy campaign, saving you countless hours of onboarding and training.
  • Guided webpage and email builder helps you create an advocacy action center and email supporters in under an hour – without having to call technical support.

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A better experience for you – and your advocates

  • Responsive design makes it a snap for your advocates to take action on your behalf, from any device.
  • Access reports with just a few clicks to quickly see which emails and engagements are helping you move the needle.
  • Re-send emails to supporters who haven’t already opened your email or taken action – with just one click.
  • Our streamlined site builder is simple to navigate, and our responsive templates give you back valuable time you would have spent tinkering and formatting with another product

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Ignite: Grassroots campaign software, dashboard reporting

Use Ignite’s dashboard and reporting tools to quickly get a snapshot of campaign performance.

Ignite: Grassroots campaign software, influence policy

Ignite makes it easy for your advocates to take action to support your cause.

Shape policy wherever your issue arises

Our suite of engagements across all levels of government ensures that whenever, and wherever, your issue comes up, you’ll be able to rally your supporters to take action.

  • Email Congress and state or local officials in 1,704 cities and 3,235 municipalities nationwide.
  • Comment on and email federal agencies when your battle moves to the Executive branch.
  • Need to grow your email list? Create petitions so your advocates can voice their support – while you build a list of supporters you can email to take action in the future.

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Just getting started with advocacy? Ignite is exactly what you need.

If you’re new to advocacy, don’t add complex software to the list of things you have to learn. Ignite’s intuitive design keeps you laser-focused on your real goal — shaping policy — and makes setting up your next campaign as stress-free as possible.

  • Small team or organization? Some tools are far beyond the scope of what one person can handle. Ignite requires no ongoing maintenance and can easily be managed by a team of one.
  • Short on time? Ignite is designed to get you up and running in minutes, not hours – or days.
  • Short on technical experience? Don’t add “systems administrator” or “web master” to your list of responsibilities. With Ignite, you don’t need to know HTML, CSS, or how to work complicated software in order to build a beautiful website and send professional emails

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Ignite: Grassroots campaign software, branded advocacy action center

With Ignite, your branded, professional-looking advocacy action center is just a few clicks away.

People Are Talking:

“Ignite’s simple design is easy for supporters to use to quickly take action on the issues they care about. We have received zero user complaints since using Ignite, which speaks to its ease of use.”

Anna Luke

Deputy Director of Community & Online Engagement, American Wind Energy Association


3 months

$1,000/ mo
  • Good for one-off campaigns that don’t require a long-term commitment
  • Includes all features listed above
  • No setup fees
  • Includes onboarding session with a customer success manager
  • Price assumes three-month commitment

2 years

$395/ mo
  • Best value for year-long advocacy programs
  • Includes all features listed above
  • No setup fees
  • Includes onboarding session with a customer success manager
  • Price assumes a two-year agreement

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