Engage-logo-500px-1024x394The all-in one advocacy software to grow and mobilize your grassroots.

Flexible, all-in one grassroots advocacy software to help you excite your members, educate your supporters, move the legislative needle and track campaign performance.

Advocacy Management Software

Engage is the advocacy solution that does it all – your way. Grow and mobilize your grassroots, educate stakeholders, manage your campaigns, generate powerful reports, integrate with your CRM and gather insightful membership data.

The flexible toolset structured to adapt to your organization’s unique needs — and to grow along with you.

The Ideal Solution For:

Social Media Advocacy

Have your advocates send elected officials Tweets — or take action directly from your Facebook page (we have a native Facebook app). All engagements include the option for social sharing.

Broadening Your Campaign Possibilities

In addition to sending messages, advocates can make calls, send Tweets, post on Facebook, share personal stories and testimonials, sign petitions, and register to vote.

Growing Your Membership

Make people aware of your cause and drive them to take action. Once they do, they’re in your database for life.

Showing Value to Your Members

Create a dynamic legislative action center where your members can learn about your issues and see the bills and votes you’re tracking.

Adding Functionality to Your Site (Without Replacing the Kitchen Sink)

Use Engage to build an entirely new microsite, or drop in the features you need here and there. We know making changes to your site can be hard – we make it easy.

Optimizing Campaign Performance

Track campaign performance against established goals and get the full rundown on who took action (and how) — so you can improve over time.

Quick and Easy Systems Integration

Keep your Engage data synced with your internal AMS/CRM — without lifting a finger. Our sophisticated APIs and built-in integrations will save you time spent on tedious manual uploads.

Making it Easy for Your Advocates to Take Action

Your advocates don’t have a lot of time. With Engage, they can perform most actions (call, Tweet, write, etc) in minutes.

Sophisticated Targeting and List Building

Microtarget supporters based on their location, past activity, federal and state representation (we automatically zip-to-district match), and any custom fields.

Expand Your Campaign Possibilities:

We call them engagements. Simply put, they’re the types of actions your advocates can take through Engage.

Need to do more than send email? Look no further. You can bring together any combination of the following activity types under the umbrella of a grassroots campaign.

Click on each to explore:

Our Newest Engagement: Act on a Regulation

Engagement_Regs-grey-01Our newest engagement allows your advocates to comment on any open document on Regulations.gov directly from your Engage microsite. This great addition lets you target and influence any of the 300,000+ documents from over 40 federal and state agencies and sub-agencies hosted on Regulations.gov.

Write a Letter

Use Engage to send letters to lawmakersHave advocates send messages to federal, state, and local officials (and candidates). You can provide the entire text of the letter, or make it editable by the advocate. Each letter is tailored to the recipient (so a U.S. senator will never receive a letter addressed to a congressman).

Make a Call

Use Engage to call your lawmakerProvides advocates with lawmakers‘ phone numbers and a set of talking points on your issue. After the phone call, they’ll be presented with a feedback form so they can share how the call went with you.

Sign a Petition

Use Engage to create and drive advocates to sign your petitionGreat for building your membership list. Have members sign their name electronically to support your cause.

Share Your Story

Have your members share their storiesA unique way to engage advocates. Have them write personal testimonials or share experiences, which you can then showcase on a public facing page on your website.

Tweet Elected Officials

Use Engage to Tweet your lawmakersAdvocates can send Tweets to their lawmakers right from a public facing page on your website. Give them a blank canvas – or provide them with all 140 characters. Don’t forget to add a hashtag!

Register to Vote

Use Engage to Get out the VoteHave your advocates register in their voting district directly from a public facing page on your website – we’ll handle all the logistics.

The Powerful Features You Need:

Manage and Engage Your Advocates

With robust database and communication tools, Engage has everything you need to manage your advocate relationships, understand their behaviors, and keep them engaged.

  • Track advocate activity with our native database tool and insightful, customizable reports.
  • Stay top-of-mind through email communication – our comprehensive message management allows you to schedule communications and analyze email performance with ease.
  • Target the right people – Engage makes it a snap to segment your database. Slice and dice by advocate location, congressional district, actions taken (or not taken), any custom fields you’d like to add, and more. The sky’s the limit.

Our advanced CRM provides detailed analytics and reports so that you can analyze the trends and patterns of your advocates’ online activity.

Align your marketing, grassroots, fundraising, government affairs, and membership management teams to work with the same systems.

Keep the Systems You Already Use

Thanks to sophisticated APIs, web plugins, and plug-and-play integrations with numerous technology partners, Engage works with the systems you already have, which saves you from lengthy, expensive IT projects.

  • Sync your AMS or CRM with your Engage database and keep your contacts updated automatically in both environments.
  • Use our advocacy features on any web page thanks to ridiculously simple plugins that can be added to your existing site(s). Drop them onto your homepage – or a sister organization’s homepage. All of the activity data flows back to Engage for your analysis..
  • Invest in the systems your organization needs to be successful – because we’ve got a network of technology partners who already work with us. Love Salesforce? Stick with it. They’re just one example of a provider we’re fully integrated with.

Make it Simple for Your Advocates

Getting people to take action is no cakewalk. You have to find them, educate them and nurture them. And once you’ve done all that work to warm them up, you can’t then present them with a multi-step process that takes 10 minutes to complete; they’ll click away from your call-to-action in a heartbeat. Fortunately, Engage makes it easy for you to make it easy for your advocates.

  • One-click engagements mean advocates see the full text of an advocacy message as they’re entering their information. To take action, all they need to do is click send — once.
  • Have forms automatically pre-fill with advocate information to save your users time when they’re taking action.
  • Use our native Facebook app to add engagements to your Facebook page, so your community can take action on a platform they’re already regularly using.
  • Embed engagements within article text so your advocates can click directly to a pertinent call-to-action.

Customize engagements and messages so that advocates can take action with just a single click.

Segment lists in your database based on actions taken and personalize messages to your advocates.

Use Engagement Data to Drive Member Retention and Growth

Approximately 20% of your members are not going to renew this year because they aren’t getting value from their membership. How can you tell? They have low engagement metrics. Engage makes it simple for you to quickly identify languishing members who are retention risks.

It also helps you identify your superfans. The meaningful activity data points that Engage supplies can help you better prepare for renewal season and target members more effectively.

  • Quickly identify your “superfans” – the rockstars who have taken the most actions for you and are more likely to volunteer and recruit. Make deeper asks of this group with confidence that they will be well received .
  • Find your “under-engaged” members and easily schedule targeted outreach that demonstrates the value of membership — and bring them back into the fold. Significantly improve your member retention rate this renewal season.
  • Search on the data points Engage collects like “took action in date range,” “took action on specific engagement,” “clicked link in email” and “minimum number of actions taken” – plus 25+ more. Create your own custom data fields to capture information specific to your organization.

Track Grassroots Campaign Performance – and Improve It

It’s no wonder why presidential campaigns are investing in data collection and targeting: data reveals powerful truths. But you don’t need a huge war chest to collect data and be data-driven: you just need Engage.

From live campaign performance metrics to customizable activity reports that show you who is taking action and how, Engage has all the information you need to make strategic decisions about your next outreach initiative or campaign.

  • Track campaign activity easily – quickly view the number of advocates who took action, how many times they took action, and the number of contact points made with elected officials in a given timeframe.
  • Set goals for every campaign and monitor your effectiveness. Want advocates to send 1,000 emails to a legislator? We make tracking your progress against that objective a breeze.
  • Analyze trends and campaign more effectively – want to do a deep-dive into the demographics of all the people who took action on your last campaign, so you can figure out the best folks to target next time around? Engage allows you to manipulate large datasets with ease. Let the numbers inform the direction of your next initiative.

Use our interactive dashboard to quickly get a snapshot of digital campaign performance.

Automatically publish the latest news on key legislation and current events related to your organization’s mission.

Become the Definitive Resource on Your Issue

Show your audience that you’re an industry expert and educate them on your issues — so they’re always ready to rally for your cause. With publishable content from the CQ editorial team (and 850+ other publications) that you can filter based on your own custom criteria, you’ll have a content-rich hub for your advocates in no time.

  • Educate your members – display news headlines on your issue, choosing from hundreds of news organizations. Every article is fully licensed, so your advocates never have to leave your site.
  • Publish legislative information on your site, like federal and state bills, congressional member votes and biographical information, all powered by CQ’s advanced databases. We’ve even got election maps and candidate data you can embed.
  • Inform stakeholders on their elected officials by endorsing candidates and creating custom voter scorecards (so your audience can see how well any given lawmaker aligns with the interests of your organization). Zip-to-district matching makes it simple for your advocates to find and contact their representatives.
  • Generate awareness and grow your audience – relevant, thoughtful content on your issues makes your site a magnet for new and interested supporters who are likely to take action.

Target Locally Elected Officials

Municipalities can have a huge influence on business regulations, particularly in the “sharing economy.” And the passage of local laws is often used as a foothold toward establishing statewide (and then federal) adoption.

With Engage, you’ll have contact information for local officials from all of the thousands of municipalities with populations of 25,000 or more.

  • Stay in the driver’s seat. Use local data to fight or support county and municipal laws for your organization before they have a domino effect at state or federal level.
  • Take grassroots advocacy to the next level – with one software system for your national, state and local advocacy campaigns.

Look up local officials and target them with your Calls to Action.

Need a fast and easy way to launch an advocacy campaign?

Build a mobile-friendly action center with just a few clicks.

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“Engage is a top notch advocacy platform that is suitable for a range of organizations from the small non-profit to the large corporate advocacy department. Engage enables you to centralize your grassroots efforts and effectively communicate through multiple channels. My colleagues and I were incredibly lucky to use Engage in the past and the use of the tool allowed us to leverage our resources that maximized our grassroots activities. Engage was the deciding factor in winning the 2015 Grassroots Innovation Award.”

Joshua Habursky

Association Grassroots Manager & Chair, Grassroots Professional Network

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