Know the moment your issue is mentioned in Congress.

Receive custom alerts the way you want them.

Get real-time updates on bill progress.

See in an instant how legislation impacts existing laws.

Quickly compare member voting history.

Access legislative data all the way back to the 104th Congress.

A powerful, customizable suite of federal legislative tracking and reporting tools that delivers actionable information when and how you need it

Federal Legislation Tracking Software

CQ helps you monitor and report on all of the policy developments that affect your interests — as soon as they happen.

We save you hundreds of hours you’d normally spend hunting down congressional information from multiple sources.

What Makes Us Better:

Precision Alerts

Our alerts are adjustable. You get the volume and granularity of information that’s right for you. Stop wading through irrelevant results.

We Make Congress Searchable, Clickable, Alertable

There’s more to the legislative process than just bills. We make all of the materials at each stage of the legislative process accessible, clickable and easy to navigate. 

Workflow Tools Included

You’re not just tracking legislation: you’re creating reports, adding your own data and briefing colleagues. CQ is the only provider that offers legislative services and workflow tools in the same platform. 

Easier to navigate

Easier to report

Easier to share

Easier to create alerts

Explore the Reimagined

Explore the Reimagined

Easier to navigate

Easier to report

Easier to share

Easier to create alerts

We know you’ve got lots of responsibilities.
Here’s how we can help you throughout your work day:

Easily find the bills that you care about, view the latest updates in a single stream, get alerted when a significant change takes place, and check the status of hundreds of bills at a time in reports that update themselves. 

Find and constantly monitor the bills that affect your interests.

Identify the right bills — broadsearch terms like “agriculture” or “health care” return far too many results. Our experienced team will help you craft the right searches that bring back the right amount of information.

Get alerted via email when legislative movement occurs. CQ will deliver new information – every action and utterance of your issue, if that’s what you want – to your inbox or phone at the frequency that works for you.

Don’t wait for the Congressional Record—our live Congress bill tracking means we’ll notify you as soon as that key amendment is announced. Make decisions in real time instead of having to wait until the next day.

We’re always on (so you don’t have to be)—if Congress stays in session until 2 a.m., we’ll be covering every action as a matter of course. You can sleep with confidence that we’ll have all the information you need when you wake up the next day.

Track the status of multiple bills across different issues.

Create bill lists for the legislation you’re following and eliminate unwieldy spreadsheets. Bucket the bills you’re monitoring by topic or issue area. Create email alerts for all of your bill lists.

Set up bill reports once and watch them update automatically — our dynamic reports automatically display the latest status of all the bills you’re tracking. No more tedious, manual updates.

Organize your bills and issues into Projects for easy collaboration. CQ lets you store your notes and reports alongside CQ’s information.

Our bill status reports update themselves automatically and allow you to add your own custom content, share with your colleagues, export to different file formats and organize into projects.

Our Lawtrack tool predicts the impact a pending piece of legislation would have on existing laws and even sends you alerts when the laws you care about would be changed by newly introduced bills.

Quickly digest major bills — and identify important changes to legislation.

We read (and summarize) the entire bill, so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive legislative analysis will save you time without sacrificing depth or detail. We even provide the full historical and political background for every bill.

Save time comparing different versions of the same bill thanks to our Bill Compare tool. Parse dense legislative text quickly and efficiently.

Don’t miss committee markups. Amendments can make or break legislation. We give you the full text of most amendments read in committee.

Find out exactly how a bill impacts existing law. We link pending bill text to the section of U.S. code it would modify.

Conduct in-depth policy research.

Drill down, then drill across. Searching for a bill instantly brings up the full entourage of related legislation, votes, members, and topics.

Quickly learn a member’s record on your issue — our floor vote database is perfect for creating vote scorecards.

Dive into our legislative archive, which dates back to the 104th Congress. Our archive of amendment text dates back to the 107th Congress. Only the Library of Congress goes back further.

Access our database of CRS reports and get the same authoritative, nonpartisan overviews on a topic or policy area that Congress reads.

Search our library of transcripts, ranging from congressional committee hearings to newsworthy interviews. We also take custom transcript requests.

Brush up quickly on an issue or policy area with our topic pages. They’re like Wikipedia for policy wonks.

Quickly build vote reports that display detailed records on members’ voting histories, compare them to each other and add your own custom content.

Instantly find all the bill information you’re looking for and start tracking important bills before they’re even introduced.

Predict legislative actions and outcomes.

We collect hard-to-find source documents, like “Dear Colleague” letters, draft bills, agency reports and press releases, providing you with the seismic evidence of what’s coming next. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have a team on Capitol Hill that will track down documents on request.

Get appropriations information before your competition — we publish draft spending bills before they’re officially announced (before they’re even assigned bill numbers), giving you a major leg up on appropriations season.

Benefit from thorough, expert policy analysis you can’t get anywhere else. Our seasoned policy analysts provide the political state of play and decision points surrounding major legislation and issue areas.

Create dynamic reports. Brief your boss and stakeholders.

Build professional, dynamic reports in minutes, not hours. The bill report you create will update automatically as any movement on bills in Congress occurs, saving you hours of manual updates.

Include your own notes and commentary in CQ’s dynamic reports, so you can send your boss one report that stays constantly up-to-date.

Export everything in seconds – your reports in CQ are printable, shareable, and exportable to Excel, Word or PDF.

Use our transcripts library to quickly find quotes from members on your issue to share with external stakeholders.

Our highly flexible, fully customizable reports are automatically updated for you, so that you never have to copy and paste again. We offer multiple template types to suit your needs.

Our database of verified and accurate contact details for lawmakers and staffers is updated in real time by our boots-on-ground staff of researchers on the Hill.

Access information from any device.

Stay updated no matter where you are – our powerful mobile app for iPhone and Android puts all of your alerts, schedules and member information in your pocket.

Receive automatic alerts about hearing changes that update on your own personal calendar with CQ’s Schedules feature.

Be completely prepared for all your meetings on the Hill with comprehensive member biographies and our congressional staff directory.

The Ideal Solution For:

Granular Federal Legislative Tracking

CQ allows you to search on bills, votes and keywords with incredible precision.

Staying Updated Out of the Office

CQ’s email alerts and powerful app for iPhone and Android ensure you’ll never miss important developments when you’re away from your desk.

In-Depth Legislative Research

Track bills, issues, votes and members. Get alerted in real time.

Knowing When to Mobilize Supporters

Use bill-tracking updates to rally your supporters to take grassroots action — impact legislative outcomes.

Predicting Legislative Outcomes

Our experienced editorial team provides full historical and political context in all of our policy analysis. Get the fullest understanding of what might happen next.

Collaborating with Colleagues

Work together with your team right within the CQ platform, where your reports update automatically and comments and changes are visible to everyone.

Briefing Your Boss

CQ makes it a snap to give your boss the latest on bills, members and votes — complete with all of your own notes, right in one handsome report.

Preparing for Hill Days

Prep your fly-in attendees with CQ’s member data for guaranteed meeting success.

Keeping Up With Hearings

Add hearings directly to your Outlook calendar and receive automated updates if the time or location changes.

Precision Control vs Fire Hose:

Our precision alerts help you control the amount of information you receive with incredible specificity. With the other guys, you have to sift through articles from 35,000+ sources, meaning you get information overload — or information deficit.  

When it comes to getting your information, which would you rather have?

One System vs Multiple Systems:

When you’re using the other guys, you can’t create reports or update your team without manually pulling information into other systems. Eliminate the middleman: our unique platform saves you hours of time by letting you do it all in one place.

Which way would you rather collaborate?

You Asked, We Answered:

I need to get bill updates in real time. Does CQ help me do that?

Our sophisticated alerts push new information to you as frequently (or infrequently) as you’d like. If you want to receive updates on a measure as they play out on the floor, you can.

My boss wants weekly updates on the status of the bills we’re following, with notes. Is there an easy way to do this?

Updating spreadsheets manually is a huge pain. Fortunately, our customizable bill reports automate the entire process of tracking legislation and adding your own commentary. Drop in custom data (like notes) to CQ’s reports to view that information as its own column. Bill statuses update in our reports automatically, so you don’t have to constantly maintain them. You can just export your report once a week and send it off to your boss!

I need to compare the 2016 version of a big appropriations bill with the version from 2005. This could take hours — how can I do this fast?

Our legislative archive is second to none, and so is our automated Bill Compare tool. Select two pieces of legislation and let CQ highlight all of the differences for you in just a few clicks. Gone are the days of comparing lines of bill text with a ruler.

I don't have time to read the entire defense authorization bill, but I need more than a two paragraph summary. Do you guys have something?

CQ House Action Reports provides in-depth analysis (with background information and a breakdown of every provision) for every House bill, including amendment coverage, floor summaries and conference summaries. No other service provides the same depth and breadth – we take the 200-page committee report and the 400-page bill text and translate it into a detailed breakdown of layman’s terms.

I don’t want to get bogged down in unnecessary information that’s beyond the scope of what I’m actually interested in. Help!

There’s a lot of legislative data out there — the trick is finding exactly what you need to do your job. CQ can adjust to ensure that you’re never receiving too much (or too little) information. For example, you can search for “health care” but only when it’s mentioned in a given bill, or by certain members of Congress. You can even search for keywords only when they appear within proximity of other keywords. Don’t worry — we’ll set it all up for you and calibrate it to perfection.

I’m on the Metro but need to know right away if there’s been an update on my bill. Is this possible?
As long as you have a phone or device that’s connected to the Internet, you can receive and view all of your CQ alerts. CQ’s mobile app for both iPhone and Android gives you access to your full setup when you’re away from your desk. Now your only problem is the lack of WiFi between Gallery Place and Union Station.
I need to know the exact impact a pending bill would have on existing law — and vice versa. Do you guys do that?
Our LawTrack tool links bill text to the exact line of U.S. code that it would modify. It also lets you start with the law and see which pending bills would affect it.
Hearing information changes constantly. Is there an easy way to stay updated?

CQ’s scheduling feature allows you to add hearings directly to your Outlook calendar. If anything changes (which is frequently the case), we’ll send you an email alert. Never show up to the wrong room in Longworth again.

An Experience Designed Just for You:

We’re not just a data source — we’re your trusted partner. Our consultative account management team will work behind the scenes to set up your alerts, bill lists and searches to provide you with personalized onboarding.

After that, we’re always available whenever you have questions.

A Capitol Combo:

You’re not tracking legislation for the sake of tracking legislation. You do it so you can take proactive action.

Engage, our advocacy platform, enables you to mobilize your advocates to send grassroots communications to their members of Congress.

Get timely bill updates from CQ

Monitor legislation so you’re ready to spring into motion for or against a bill at a moment’s notice.

Rally supporters with Engage

Our calls-to-action let your advocates contact their elected officials by email, phone, and social media.

Track and optimize campaign performance

Engage’s powerful analytics help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns — and improve over time.

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