Acquire new advocates digitally

Only pay for advocates, members and donors who take action

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Digital campaigns to acquire new donors, members and advocates without guessing or overpaying

Digital campaigns to acquire new donors, members and advocates without guessing or overpaying

Advocacy Advertising Solutions

What is advocacy advertising?

Advocacy advertising is paid advertising used to promote and support a particular social or political cause or agenda.
Digital advocacy advertising help non-profits, associations, political campaigns and other organizations acquire new supporters rapidly.

How can advocacy advertising help you scale your message to a greater audience?

By using advanced micro-targeting techniques, digital advocacy advertising can you help organizations find new advocates to sign petitions, send grassroots messages, subscribe to advocacy content, become a member, make donations to a cause, and more.

Looking for a digital advocacy advertising solution that will help you promote your advocacy campaign?

Advocate Acquisition by CQ Roll Call

A pay-for-performance digital advocacy advertising program. Expand your reach. Grow your support network.

What Makes Us Different:

Predictable Pricing

We offer performance pricing – not CPM or PPC – which means you know up front how much you’ll pay and how many new advocates you’ll acquire (and by when).

Powerful Targeting

We construct profiles across 7,000 behavioral and demographic dimensions, allowing you to target your audience with unparalleled specificity.

Incredible Reach

With access to over 3.3 million websites and 173,000 mobile apps via 6,000 direct publisher integrations, we ensure your messaging will find new supporters.

Successful Campaigns, Coming Right Up:

Scale Up. Fast.

Whether you need to give an existing campaign a boost, are dealing with a crisis, or want to grow your membership or donor base rapidly, we’ve got all the tools you need to scale up your operation and reach new people.

  • Major reach – we’ll push out your messaging across 3.3 million websites via 6,000 publisher integrations and on 173,000+ mobile apps
  • Enormous network – we work within all leading ad exchanges and our own proprietary exchange (our reach is on a par with Google’s)
  • Brand-safe placement – we’ll never put your messaging on a site that is inappropriate, out of context, or brand-damaging

Our advanced CRM provides detailed analy
tics and reports so that you can analyze the trends and patterns of your advocates’ online activity.

Target Relevant Supporters

Simply put, we’ve got an incredible amount of data. You tell us the type of person you’re looking for, and we’ll find the people who fit your target profile (with 95% matching accuracy).

  • Online and offline data – our understanding of consumers is built from transactional data from more than 4,000 retailers.
  • Comprehensive tracking – we track over 1 million online actions per second to build each user profile.
  • Dimensional profiles – including web browsing, app usage, video plays, email activity, cross-screen engagement, life events, hobbies, ad interactions and product interest.
  • Customized media – every day, we make real-time creative and media decisions that are customized and unique for the user.

Maximize Your ROI

Advertisers love to tout clicks and pageviews, but pageviews don’t mean anything if your audience isn’t taking action. We know that you’re after advocate actions – which is why you’ll only ever pay for advocates who have demonstrated a willingness to support you by taking an action.

  • Pay-for-performance pricing means you only pay when an advocate performs the desired activity
  • All advocates created by taking action flow automatically into your database – and you’ll have them for life
  • We optimize your campaign based on performance so your spend goes to the most productive environments (and isn’t wasted on lower performing areas)

Hello, Partner

As your dedicated advocacy advertising partner, we’ll manage the whole advertising process end-to-end – from developing a strategy, to building personalized ads, to delivering them to the right people across devices.

  • Expert guidance – we’ll act as an extension of your own team, tailoring our knowledge of creative, strategy, and online advocacy to help you achieve your goals
  • Ongoing optimization – after a campaign launches, we’ll drive the process by continuing to optimize your ads across channels and devices

Traditional CPM Campaign
Advocate Acquisition Campaign

Why pay for campaigns with an uncertain outcome?
Better to know exactly what you’ll pay and what you’ll get up front.

Advocate acquisition program

Ideal for Campaigns with These Goals:

Find New Advocates in a Lawmaker's State or District

Quickly find new supporters to take an action in opposition or support of legislation or regulations in a specific lawmaker’s state or district.

Diversify Your Donor Base

Grants and one-off benefactors are the life blood of many organizations, but you also risk losing them in any given year. Find new donors to ensure your viability.

Crisis Communication

Get your message out and rally your supporters to do damage control or reverse the trend line when the heat is on your industry or client.

Amplifying Awareness for Your Cause

Quickly fill in the bare patches in your advocacy or membership campaign at an acquisition cost that’s lower than acquiring new members in the traditional way.

Guaranteed ROI

We maximize the effectiveness of your spend by closely monitoring campaign performance and optimizing accordingly. And our pricing models ensures you only pay for actual advocates who take action.

Election Campaigns

People vote demographically. A pay-per-performance system is a groundbreaker in the campaign space for energizing people to vote for your candidate.

Government Contracting Procurement

Securing a government contract is only half the battle. During the defending period, you can bolster support for contracts by rallying stakeholders in certain areas to bring it over the line.

Coalition Building

When used as part of a coalition strategy that shares expenses and combines messages, a pay-for-performance strategy can have an even greater impact.

Starting a New Association

You can use a pay-per-acquisition strategy to grow your advocacy or membership base, but it’s also highly effective as an approach for starting an association from the ground up.

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(Our reach is on par with Google’s.)

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ID matching accuracy

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digital publishers

3.3 Million

websites reached


mobile apps

People Are Talking:

“We won our issue in South Carolina a few days before legislative sessions adjourned and we were able to kill the bill in the chamber. My client is delighted of the forcefulness of your solution.”

Vice President of Digital Public Affairs Firm

“CQ Roll Call has helped our association acquire 15,000 new donors in three weeks.”

Associate Director, National Association

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