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CQ WeeklyCQ Weekly

For 70 years, CQ Weekly’s expert, objective editorial staff has taken readers deep inside the policymaking process across the government, from Congress to the White House to the Supreme Court. Every issue of CQ Weekly provides readers with roll–call votes in the Senate and the House during the previous week, charts of major bills and appropriations expected to move in the coming weeks and enhanced legislative “Box Scores.”

Total Qualified Subscribers: 17,1781

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Roll CallRoll Call

For 60 years, Roll Call, considered the newspaper of Capitol Hill since 1955, has provided news and information that is considered indispensable for members of Congress and their staff. Roll Call reports on Congressional news and campaigns, politics and personalities, the White House’s relationship with Congress, comings and goings on Capitol Hill, and the greater Washington political community.

Total Qualified Subscribers: 22,1352

2016 Publishing Calendar

The EconomistThe Economist – Washington Metro Edition

The Economist is written for senior business, political, and financial decision-makers. Broaden your influence with The Economist Washington Metro edition.

Total Subscribers: 50,000+ paid print subscribers in the Metropolitan Washington Area

2016 Publishing Calendar

1BPA Worldwide, CQ Weekly, June 2015
2BPA Worldwide, Roll Call, June 2015

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