Audience Extension

The Purple Network

Our media alliance of three prestigious organizations reaches nearly 300,000 print subscribers and an online audience of 4.5M unique visitors that include Members of Congress, their staff, Washington influential, and high-level opinion leaders from across the nation.


The Political Audience Alliance

CQ Roll Call has partnered with InflectionPoint Media as part of the Political Audience Alliance, which offers audience targeting that begins with the most influential audiences.

  • The PAA offers high-quality scale (20 + Million Monthly Unique) and precision targeting for political, business, and more, both inside and outside the Beltway.
  • The PAA leverages first-party proprietary data mined from the Alliance partners which is blended with up to seven additional targeting capabilities.
  • The PAA’s audience targeting allows advertisers to put the right message in front of the right audience at precisely the right time – we target people, not places.

When it matters most

Let us help you put your message in front of the most influential people in Washington. For more information, contact the advertising department.


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